10 Best Expat Countries In the World? Are You Sure?

Move to paradise



If you want to live a happier life then you should move abroad. Leaving the rate race and becoming an expat was one of the best decisions I ever made, but I still came to the wrong place according to InterNations.


InterNations claims to be the largest network of expats in the world and a survey revealed that the happiest place to run away to is: Portugal.


Who would have thought it?


To be honest you need to apply some critical thinking to this survey. It took into account things like infrastructure and the local hospitals, so Europe is clearly going to leave some developing nations in its wake.


I love the Dominican Republic. I love the fact I can live in paradise for $20 a day. But it doesn’t have a single train and that seems to be an issue for InterNations.


As always, you need to decide what’s important to you, but lists like this are still really valuable as they can give you an insight into countries you’re thinking about. Bear in mind this is a list for general expats and it is NOT:


  1. The best place for digital nomads to live in the world.
  2. The cheapest places to live in the world.


Those are very different lists, for a very different day.


Costa Rica is on my list of places to go and live, for some reason, and it’s number nine. That’s a good thing.


I’m not going to lie, too, I have a look at the online dating sites to decide if these are girls I want to spend time around. We all have our own criteria, and it matters to me.


That’s why my list of the best countries for expats to live in looks more like this. Yes, anywhere ya single man can go on vacation and get laid for the price of a steak is pretty much a good starting point. But that’s just me…


InterNations polled more than 14,000 people and graded the only metric that really matters, happiness. It came to the conclusion using transport, safety, local leisure options and more, though.


It came up with a list of the 10 best places to live for expats.




Lisbon center Portugal Lisboa expat champion

1. Portugal


Portugal has risen 13 places in the expat survey and now reins supreme That could be because a lot of the British expats have abandoned Spain and Portugal offers a cheaper, more welcoming and more exclusive lifestyle.


It’s everything that’s good about Spain, while keeping its national identity and a lower cost of living. So that’s one reason why the likes of Lisbon have taken over as the number one expat location in the world.


Take this guided tour of Lisbon now, courtesy of Expedia.



Now, if you want to go in the sea you’re largely shit out of luck. It’s cold down there in the water, even though the weather is mild all year round. Surfers brave the Atlantic swells for some of the most amazing waves in Europe. In fact, Nazare is the home of big-wave riding in Europe and surfers flock there every year to ride 100-foot swells.


But if you have never been to Portugal, then make sure you do. It’s a stunning country.


The girls are hot, too, and some of the nicest people I have met. It’s a place where you could easily meet a local girl and actually have a healthy relationship. That’s quite rare in this world.


If you want to check the girls, you can sign up for free at International Cupid and just pick a city. It’s free, and it gives you a better insight than Google image searches.






Taipei Taiwan, awesome expat destination



2. Taiwan


It’s clean, efficient and everything works. Taiwan was the overall winner of this survey last year and it’s clearly one of the best places in the world to live for foreigners.


Work is plentiful, transport links are good and even though Taiwan isn’t as safe as some of the countries on this list, it makes up for it in other areas.


Taiwan is a quiet sexpat location, too, as the local girls like a nice foreign man and they’ll fight for the privilege of being with you. Now the system works differently, there isn’t a long line of girls waiting to spend the night with you outside of the sleazy whorehouse ridden Snake Alley and you really should have the GFE with one at a time.


Take a tour of Taipei’s tourist sights here:



As for the cost of living, you can either live like a local and keep it cheap or live the expat dream and spend a fortune. The choice is really yours. Rent is generally expensive in the metropolitan areas, but public transport means you don’t need a car.


In the rural areas you can rent for much less, but you need transport. So it’s all down to the kind of life you want to lead.  Meet a girl on Asian Dating, or just log in to see what you can get.


Spoiler alert, the women are like 10 times better than some overweight US landwhale. 






Puerto Banus in Marbella, Spain, live the luxury expat life


3. Spain


This is all the confirmation I need that the survey is heavily influenced by British expats that have set up in droves on the sunny beaches of the Costa del Sol and Costa Almeria.


Marbella and Alicante are the strongholds, but Spain has a lot more to offer and Barcelona and Madrid are two of the best cities I have ever been to. Girona and Valencia, too, are beautiful cities and you can ski in Spain in Sierra Nevada.


It’s a big country and although it’s known for the golden beaches, Spain has a lot more to offer.


Valencia is my personal favorite and you can see it here:



The weather is great all year round in the South, the islands like Ibiza and Mallorca offer a different kind of life and it’s hard to beat if you’ve got money to spend.


Spain has a clubbing culture, too, so it’s easy to meet local girls. Prostitution is legal as well and every building that just says ‘club’ on the side will be full of girls waiting to cater to your needs.




SIngapore is beauiful, but expensive for expats


4. Singapore


The cost of living is high, but then so is the standard and Singapore is one of those amazing places that pretty much everybody speaks highly of. It’s not for me, but that’s the beauty of this world and it might be for you.


The Orchard Road is full of girly bars, too, like the legendary Orchard Towers, and it’s like a very small scale and controlled Pattaya. So really it’s not like Pattaya at all, but there’s something for a single man looking to get laid too.



The cost of living in Singapore is probably going to work out pretty high and it wouldn’t be this far up my personal list.


Again, if you want to meet a girl from Singapore, then Asian Dating is where to go.








prague is one of the favorite cities for expats


5. Czech Republic


Now even InterNations admits that the country’s stellar public transport system made up for some deficiencies elsewhere, but single men would most likely have something else that works in the country’s favor.


Czech women are stunning, and readily available. So some expats are happy to deal with the savage winters, occasional safety concerns in the big cities and an impenetrable language (a lot of them speak English).   



Prague is famous throughout the world and it’s one of those places for a lads on tour weekend away for Europeans. It isn’t quite Vegas, it’s classier than that, but the girls are available and keenly priced, so you can have a great time with a perfect 10 and give her $150 to leave in the morning.





Tokyo, an expat favorite that costs a lot to live



6. Tokyo, Japan


OK, Tokyo is a stunning city, but you’ll need a thriving business to make that place work. You can teach English, but you’ll be poor in Tokyo and that doesn’t work, at all.


You need proper money to enjoy this city, then it’s one of the wildest rides on Earth. You can party 24-7, you can live like a king and you can enjoy one of the most modern cities on Earth.


You can probably still buy panties from a vending machine and Japan is known for being really, really fucked up when it comes to sex. But the whole country will change you and it’s one of those places that you have to visit at least once.



If my online empire strikes it big, yes I will head to Japan for a while. Just to try a totally alien culture and a city that never sleeps.




Vienna, Austria an expat favorite place to live

7. Austria


This is where this survey takes a hard left and goes off tangent for me. Vienna is a great city to travel to, if you’re working and you have an appointment. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, it is oozing with history and it’s classy.



But it’s way too fucking expensive to live there, it isn’t fun and your quality of life will be dictated by going to work and maybe for a hike at the weekend.


The mountains are there, you can go skiing and there is some cool stuff in Austria. But not enough, it wouldn’t make my list and InterNations, I respectfully disagree.




   Geneva, a favorite expat city to live in


8 Switzerland


Yep, InterNaions is showing its clientele here. Geneva is insanely expensive, like insane. You can spend $100 on a basic meal out and so it’s only really good for tax exiles or High Net Worth Individuals. If you want a cheap and happy life, then forget this one.



Outside of Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland is pretty sexy if you like skiing in winter, hot summers at the lake and hanging out with other rich people. It’s more of a wine with dinner place than doing bodyshots off an 18-year-old hooker though.


So it depends what you want out of life.





costa rica a perfect place to live


9. Costa Rica

It’s an unspoilt paradise on one side, with all the conveniences of modern life on the other. It’s a chilled Caribbean ocean paradise, and one of the world’s best nature reserves. In short, Costa Rica has something for everybody.


The Caribbean island is increasingly popular with retirees, you can live in the cheaper parts of Costa Rica for less than $1000 a month and digital nomads are setting up shop there in droves.



It’s a stunning place, the women are gorgeous and Costa Rica has become the number one location in the Americas for mongering vacations too. Head to Jaco Beach for some of the wildest times you can handle with the world’s sexiest girls.


InterNations got back on track with Costa Rica. I was losing faith in this better life expat survey there.


And if you want to see what the local women are like in Costa Rica, sign up to Caribbean Cupid, FREE.




Berlin, beautiful, but German


10. Germany


Give me a fucking break. I lived in Germany for 18 months and can categorically tell you that it is not one of the happiest places to live in the world. No, not now, not ever.


Berlin is meant to be a million times better than Frankfurt, where I lived, but the truth is I have traveled all through Germany, from the red light district of the Reeperbahn through to the quiet villages that line the border with Luxembourg.


It’s boring.



Yes, everything works, perfectly, with precision. And that’s part of the problem. Germany seems to have no soul and everything is restricted and regulated.


If you need to be told how to live, if you need a rule for literally everything and you have massive OCD, then Germany is the place for you. But if you’re a free spirit, then that country is going to crush you.



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