10 FREE Resume Templates to Help Get Your Dream Job

If you’re struggling to get a job, or you’re sending out hundreds of resumes and just not getting the right level of response, then it could be something as simple as the layout that’s letting you down. So, use one of these free resume templates to boost your chance of landing your dream job.


Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing each individual resume. That’s not a joke, it’s the result of a 2012 survey from a job matching service, and it’s also a clear indication that first impressions count more than you ever knew.


Six seconds to make an impression


You won’t get a job in six seconds, but you can lose a job in the blink of an eye. It’s obvious that the recruiter cannot form a rounded opinion of your skills in that time. Yes, they’re scanning for the right experience, but they cannot fail to be influenced by the look and feel of your resume.


So, if you’re sending out a badly formatted or plain resume then you’re hurting your chances of getting the job that could propel you to a better life. Fix it, right now, with these free resume templates.


Do A/B Testing With Your Resume


You could simply choose one that’s the best fit for your personality and particular industry. But take our advice and use something that has been going on in marketing for years: A/B testing.

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Simply put, try a number of different designs with the same information and see which one gets the best response. We’re not talking about job offers, here, we’re talking about any kind of positive response that means you got through the first, six-second screening.


Then you should start to experiment with the key facts and we’ll follow up with a post on how to write a killer resume that gets you the job interview in the coming weeks. For now, just rest assured that these free resume templates will boost your chances and help you get your dream job.


The best HLoom has to offer

They come from Hloom, part of the Envato template empire. There are hundreds of templates on their site, but that can lead to serious analysis paralysis, where there are just too many options.


So we’ve gone through them and you can find their 10 best free resume templates here:



Simply click the image file for the resume.


Goldfish Bowl

Hloom Goldfish Bowl

Splash Page


Hloom Splash - A free resume template that could help you get the job



Hloom Substantial, a free resume template that will help you get your dream job


Discreetly Modern

Hloom Discreetly Modern- Free resume template



Hloom Boast Hloom - A free resume template that could help you get the job

Creative Conventions

Hloom Creative Convention - A free resume template that could help you get the job


Hloom Steely - A free resume template that can help you get your dream job.


Personal Brand

Hloom Personal Brand - A free resume template that could help you get the job


HLoom - Upfront, free resume template

Slated  For the Job

Hloom Slated for the Job - A free resume template that can help you land the job

Your job is your mission in life, make it a good one


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It’s a fact of life that a man is judged by his job. It’s your mission in life and if you don’t have work then you need it. If you do, you should never stop looking for something better, a step up in the world that can give you a better life.


Long-term unemployment can really hurt your self-esteem and there’s no way that you can see yourself as a true Alpha male if you’re not earning a living. You can’t provide for your family without work and a man’s job or business is an integral part of who he is.


Your employment status can be the source of your self-esteem, or your inner shame. If you’re not proud of your work then you’ll struggle to be proud of anything in your life. So if you need to find work, or a new job, then get on it right now.


Download a template or three and set to work!



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