19 Hollywood Alpha males who can teach the art of manliness

The whole concept of the Alpha male has moved on in recent times and there is more than one simple model.


There are core traits. But we can illustrate how different personality styles combine to create a modern Alpha male by showing you very different celebrities that we think make the grade.


If you think it’s all a bit weird, bear in mind that Hollywood studios are looking for the star quality that will have us all rooting for this guy. If women want him, and guys think he’s cool, then the movie’s going to be a smash hit.


So watch these guys properly. They have the traits that make a man stand out from the herd. Watch their movies, even scope out some interviews on Youtube.


If you ever sat there and silently wondered what an Alpha male actually sounds like, or how an Alpha male looks, then it’s right there. You just haven’t been looking properly.


See how they carry themselves, how they articulate themselves, how they deal with difficult questions and see how you can use this. What do they do that’s different and could you give it a try?


We’re big fans of NLP modeling here at Alpha Reboot and think there are things you can learn from these guys. Don’t just watch them, study their moves, rewind and look again. See what true composure looks like, see how they handle things and assimilate what you can.


Yes, be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and stay authentic, but also learn from people that have made an impact and figure out what you can take from their game to sharpen your own.

1. Dwayne Johnson

He lit up wrestling in its better days, was a headline act from the start and now he’s Hollywood’s highest paid actor. He banked $64.5 million last year, too, and still works like a demon.


The Rock’s gym routine is the stuff of legend and he obviously managed the transition from the camped up wrestling ring to some pretty serious films in record time. He has basically won at everything and he does it with a serious work ethic and a self deprecating streak that comes across well.


Simply put, he’s the King of the Alpha males in Hollywood right now. He could have who he wants, but he’s been with his wife Lauren Hashian since 2007.


He could have been just another big guy, even though at 1.96m, his height isn’t quite as scary as you might think. But Johnson has a gentler side that he has worked hard to cultivate and put across. Yes, he could kick your head in for fun, but he probably wouldn’t. He’s too cool and self-assured for all that nonsense.


He’s open, measured and always seems in control of the situation and ready to laugh at himself. That is a real Alpha trait.



He has starred in San Andreas, HBO’s Ballers and the comedy hit Central Intelligence, so he works constantly and is a solid pair of hands for any comedy/action recipe the film world can come up with. The dude has presence, and if you have about 50% of Dwayne Johnson’s charisma then you’ll be fighting off the girls for the rest of your life.


By the way, Dwayne Johnson’s real name is Wayde Douglas Bowles. He overcome that, so you can beat some shit too.


For a list of Dwayne Johnson movies, look here:

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson IMDB profile. 


Ryan Reynolds, an evolved, modern day Alpha

2. Ryan Reynolds

The guy is swiftly becoming a legend off the back of Deadpool, but it’s his authentic, off-screen persona that we think marks him apart. Reynolds has a self-deprecating streak and the Ryan Reynolds Twitter account could go on its own stand-up tour.


He’s not an overly rugged, stereotype Alpha male, but Reynolds is a classic example of a gentler, more evolved approach to the whole dominant male thing.


He has married Scarlett Johansson and then Blake Lively. He also worked his way up from Sabrina the Teenage Witch to become one of Hollywood’s leading men. We’ve even forgiven and forgotten The Green Lantern and other Ryan Reynolds movies that don’t need to be mentioned here.


Reynolds comes across as authentic and he’s funnier than most actual comedians. He also owns his insecurities, puts them out there and deals with them in the public eye. It’s a left-field approach, but it has worked for him and he really could be the top dog on this list.



There’s simply nothing off limits for Reynolds and that genuine and open approach is something we could all aspire too, but it’s a fine line between this and oversharing…


For a full list of Ryan Reynolds movies and TV shows, look here:


Ryan Reynolds IMDB Profile


Idris Elba, a Hollywood Alpha male you can learn from

3. Idris Elba

He’s suave, English and he has built up a serious reputation as a hardman. He has also shown variety, playing the drugs baron in The Wire, a tough talking detective in Luther and a cute talking fish in Finding Dory.


Alongside a full quota of films and TV shows, Elba has created his own shows and put himself in harm’s way in the process. A driving show saw him hit serious speeds and he followed up with a documentary that led to his kickboxing debut.


The whole world wants him to be the first black James Bond, but he can more or less do what he likes at 44 years of age. He’s another man that seems totally at peace with himself. He worked his way up from a working class London council estate to become one of the world’s most famous actors and pretty much every guy wants to be a bit more like him and most women… Well, yeah.


Elba’s determination to keep challenging himself, in the ring, in a car and on the screen, should be an inspiration to us all. He’s a Hollywood Alpha male who has stayed true to himself. It shows.


For a full list of Idris Elba movies and TV appearances, go here:

Idris Elba IMDB Profile


Tom Hardy, a dedicated, serious Alpha male you can learn from

4. Tom Hardy

Physically the man is a monster and he used that to devastating effect as Batman villain Bane, Mad Max, serial killer Charles Bronson, an unhinged MMA fighter in Warrior and both the infamous Kray twins. But Hardy is much more than a meathead actor.


He’s a brooding, mysterious type that women just love. He has turned out with Leonardo di Caprio on The Revenant and he has given depth to roles that didn’t necessarily even ask for it. He was one of the breakout stars of Band of Brothers and he got his first big break in Inception. He made it count.

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Hardy is on a mission to be the best actor he can be, whatever job is in front of him, and that serious dedication comes across in his interviews. He cares and he’s living his passion, which is enough to melt most women’s knicker elastic on the spot.


Hardy seems to give every single job his absolute all and this tireless dedication to his craft could be a model for an actor, a policeman or a shoe shine boy. His intensity is key to his character, but save that kind of grandeur for special occasions. Do it all the time and you’ll just look moody.


For a full list of Tom Hardy movies and TV appearances, check out his IMDB profile here:


Tom Hardy IMDB Profile


George Clooney, an Alpha male you can learn from

5. George Clooney

George was always a lover, not a fighter, and you could make a case that he isn’t quite the Hollywood Alpha that women’s magazines have tried to make him. But his bachelor boy lifestyle and continued success speak for themselves.


Clooney has mastered the mental side of masculinity. He’s got the little sly look, the smile, the simple authority that circumvents the need to prove it. He always looks like he knows something you don’t. Master that and you can control more or less anybody.


Could George Clooney throw hands? Has anybody even thought about that? He trained in Judo for Tomorrowland, so he probably knows a few things. But he focuses more on weird workout routines like aerobics and Jazzercise, as well as basketball. I shit you not…


Honestly Clooney just seems like the kind of guy that would settle it with a look and a quiet word. He has that gravitas and it’s worth watching his slow, measured actions and adopting one or two for yourself.


For a full list of George Clooney movies and TV appearances, check his IMDB profile here:


George Clooney IMDB Profile


Clint Eastwood, an Alpha male for the ages

6. Clint Eastwood

Eastwood looks like he has been left out in the sun too long, but he’s a traditional tough guy and you still might think twice about taking him on.


Eastwood comes from a different time, when drinking a bottle of whiskey, getting into a fistfight and going home to nail your girl was just an average Saturday night.


He was pretty much always cast as the menacing, quiet cowboy who could handle himself in a fight and he went on to become Dirty Harry, the grizzled street fighter Philo with a pet orangutan and the tough as old boots Sgt Thomas Highway in Heartbreak Ridge. He won four Oscars along the way, but he probably should have more.


Clint is an interesting case in point. He has taken on different roles and shown a softer side, yet he is still known as a hardman. He really hasn’t grown old gracefully at all and we kind of love him for that. The dude is 86 years old and still ever so slightly intimidating.


What can you learn from him? The steely look and strangled voice are all his own, but give it a try. One thing you can really learn from Eastwood, though, is his posture. He isn’t the muscliest bastard on the planet and yet he always looks tough. That’s down to stance and expression.


For an epic list of Clint Eastwood movies and TV appearances, check out his profile here:

Clint Eastwood IMDB Profile


Morgan Freeman, a different kind of Alpha male

7. Morgan Freeman


If anyone can show me someone who exudes more wisdom and quiet, calm authority, then it will be a shock.


Morgan Freeman is 79 years of age, but he’s one of those guys that might never have been young. He might literally have been born old for all we know.


He could easily be the voice that narrates everybodies’ life, he’s just got that quiet, solemn gravitas. He could tell you the sky was green and you’d probably believe him. That credibility is box office gold, as Freeman’s films have grossed more than $4 billion and he’s the third highest grossing star of all time.


Freeman is a master of eye contact and slow, measured delivery. Don’t copy him totally, you can’t, but just see if you can take a little cue here and there from the way he delivers his speech.


For a full list of Morgan Freeman movies and TV appearances, go to his profile here:


Morgan Freeman IMDB Profile


8. Chris Hemsworth

Anyone that gets cast as the Norse God of Thunder has to be pretty fucking tough looking, it’s just the way it is.


Hemsworth is just a bit different, in part thanks to his Australian heritage. Aussie blokes are pretty much always relaxed, gregarious and good fun to be around. They’re always good to get drunk with and the accent works wonders with the girls.


It speaks volumes that when the producers of Rush were looking for the man to play one of the most famous sporting playboys of all time, James Hunt, they hired Hemsworth instead of a Brit. He played it to perfection and it’s a film you should watch.



Perhaps the main thing you can take from Hemsworth, though, is his refusal to be typecast or pushed around. Once he’d made his name, he did the unthinkable. He left LA and moved back to Australia because he simply didn’t need to be on call anymore.


So live the life you want, even if it doesn’t suit everybody, and learn to put yourself first. If Chris Hemsworth wants to live in a cabin in the woods, that’s fine by us.


For a full list of Chris Hemsworth movies and TV appearances, check his IMDB profile here:


Chris Hemsworth IMDB Profile


Samuel L Jackson in his seminal role, Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction


9. Samuel L Jackson


Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction was just a man you never wanted to meet. Samuel L Jackson was perfect for the part.


He has done the criminal thing again and again, with his role in Jackie Brown standing out. He’s worked extensively with Quentin Tarantino, but he’s equally at home as Nick Fury, Director of SHIELD in the Marvel fims.


He delivers major monologues, that crank up and get angrier and angrier, better than anybody. He also knows how to work body language to convey his mood.


For a full list of Samuel Jackson movies and TV appearances, check his IMDB profile here:


Samuel L Jackson IMDB Profile 



Matt Damon, owes his Alpha male status to Jason Bourne

10. Matt Damon

Would Matt Damon be an Alpha male candidate without Jason Bourne? No, I really don’t think he would. So this is more or less a nod to the secret agent with memory issues than the man himself.

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He has married Argentine Luciana Barroso and has a family of four that keeps him busy. He has also done wonders behind the camera and is the producer of the much anticipated Manchester by the Sea. He has 20 credits as a producer, he wrote the stunning Good Will Hunting and starred in Elysium, the Oceans franchise and more. But he will always be Bourne to us.


Bourne is quiet, troubled and not an entirely rounded character. But fuck it, he’s a lethal weapon that you could drop into a volcano and somehow he’d come out alive. He can drive shit cars like a demon, outwit legions of special forces and smack the shit out of just about anybody in a straight fight.


That’s why we love Bourne and Damon just gets the love by association. He’s understated, stupendously dangerous and has something approaching spidey sense. All you could really do to emulate this would be to join Black Ops, or you could get some of the same combat skills by signing up to a Kali class.


For a full list of Matt Damon films and TV appearances, check this out:


Matt Damon IMDB Profile


Al Pacino, a tough guy for the ages and a natural star

11. Al Pacino


Scarface himself. Pacino was one of the original tough guys of the modern era, but he has been just as impressive when he’s played a blind millionaire without a hint of malice as he has when he’s starred in the Godfather.


Pacino just has star quality and it shines through in every film he has ever made. IMDB describes his typical character as an essentially moral man with an innate capacity for violence. It’s hard to argue, but the man is stellar in comedies too.


Pacino is 76 years old and still going strong with four films in production. For a mindblowing list of Al Pacino’s movies and TV appearances, have a look at his IMDB profile.


Al Pacino IMDB Profile


Brad Pitt, a leading man if ever there was one and an Alpha male you can model

12. Brad Pitt

He was every woman’s fantasy man for years, but Pitt was always more than a model type. He became Tyler Durden, he was the serial killer Early in the seriously under-rated Kalifornia and a pure stoner in True Romance.


Seriously, take a look at Pitt’s film credits on IMDB and get ready for a shock, he’s worked tirelessly throughout his career and has done the full spectrum – from Happy Feet through to Inglourious Bastards.


As age has caught up with him he has developed into a seriously suave bastard and he even lived out every man’s fantasy by dumping Jennifer Aniston to run off with Anjelina Jolie. She went a bit weird afterwards, but for a while he was living the dream.


How can you model Brad Pitt? Just spend hours in the gym, look like a model and be super cool. Easy, right? Alternatively, don’t rest on your laurels. Challenge yourself, never stop learning and grow as a person. Pitt still has the looks, but he became so much more than that. A lot of Hollywood pretty boys simply don’t.


If you can emulate Pitt’s easy body language and smile, too, then you’ll really be on to something.


For a full list of Brad Pitt’s films and TV appearances, check out his profile here:

Brad Pitt IMDB Profile


Channing Tatum, a good ol' boy

13. Channing Tatum

Former stripper Tatum looks good, there’s no getting around it, and he seems to have perfected the gentle giant act. He’s from a small town in Alabama and has bought the Southern gentleman thing up to date.


He’s living proof that you can be softer, kinder and nicer when you look like you could kill people with your bare hands.


So going to the gym and getting seriously pumped gives you a lot more leeway when it comes to your character, which is worth bearing in mind. He still seems pretty excited to be a star in the first place, too, and he’s bought that underlying humility to the table that you just can’t fake.


Humility is a weird thing and it’s easy to overdo it and look insecure. So do great things, hit the gym and then borrow Tatum’s attitude. Then maybe you’ll get a Channing Tatum wife, or girlfriend. He has Jenna Dewan, and we have to be honest she’s a good one.


For a full list of Channing Tatum’s movies and TV shows, check his IMDB profile:

Channing Tatum IMDB Profile


Will Smith in Bad Boys, every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with Marcus Burnett


14. Will Smith

Smith is a Scientology convert, and we struggle to take that seriously, along with his weirdass son.


But 17 of the 21 film he has starred in have cleared $100 million and 11 consecutive films cleared $150 million.


That basically means everything he touches turns to gold and you can really learn shit from the way he handles himself on screen.


Behind the scenes, the IRS almost bankrupted him before The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air dragged him out the mire, then Bad Boys came along and soon Smith was one of the most bankable names in Hollywood. Mike Lowrey is just someone you can learn from anyway, although you’d need to tone down the purple suits and shooting people if you want to live in the real world.


So watch Bad Boys again, and again…


He turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix to star in Wild Wild West, so he gets it wrong sometimes, too, but Smith has built an absolutely incredible career based on being a wisecracking badass.


One interesting point, he reckons he based his character in Independence Day on Harrison Ford’s Hans Solo. So there’s crossover even on this list and it shows that we’re talking sense here. Even Alpha males model other Alpha males…


For a full breakdown of Smith’s incredible film and TV career, check out his IMDB profile here:


Will Smith IMDB Profile



Harrison Ford, a great actor and a top man to emulate

15. Harrison Ford


Ford is about 146 years old now (he’s not, he’s 74, but still), he never lifted weights and he could get any woman he wanted. That is natural born charisma.


It helped that he was Indiana Jones, and he carried effeminate and reluctant hero Luke Skywalker through the Star Wars films, but there’s just something about Ford. It’s the innate, inbuilt confidence of a man that has just had everything go right since day one.


He has been in a ridiculous number of films, but really Ford comes across best in interviews. He’s warm, authentic and actually seems interested in the person asking the questions. Watch some of his interviews and if you can come close to this when you’re talking to people then you’re on the right track.

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He also punched Ryan Gosling in the face during filming for Blade Runner 2049, which gets him extra points.


For a full list of Harrison Ford movies and TV appearances, check out his full  profile:


Harrison Ford IMDB Profile


Leonardi DiCaprio, a thinking an's Alpha

16. Leonardo DiCaprio

He became an object of pure female lust at a weird time, when non-threatening and boyish looks were all the rage. But we have to be fair to him, he has worked his magic to get more pussy than an inner city  rescue center.


Most men would be happy to wife up any one of his exes and yet he’s still going strong, through boatloads of supermodels, at the age of 42. He’s educated himself, has become a UN Ambassador and is a pretty serious environmental crusader these days.


He also frequents the likes of Art Basel and tends to access the high-class poon that really wouldn’t need him to be a gym freak. Like Clooney, I don’t think DiCaprio would be a badass in a fight, but you just know he’d never be there in the first place. He’s an Alpha that relies on his brain, so far that’s working out pretty well…


For a full list of Leonardo DiCaprio movies and TV appearances, check his IMDB profile:


Leonardo DiCaprio IMDB Profile


Robert De Niro, a legend and an Alpha male the whole way

17. Robert De Niro

Yeah we’re going to give him a pass on the woeful Meet the Fokkers, because De Niro is, quite simply, a legend.


He has played a crazy man, gangsters, ruthless cops, boxers and just about everything in between. His longevity, as well as his natural charisma, have earned him a place here. He’s 73 years old and still on the set.


That’s because acting is his passion, they’ll have to carry him out of Hollywood and that infectious enthusiasm is something we could all do with a shot of.


For a full list of Robert De Niro movies and TV appearances, check here:

Robert De Niro IMDB Profile


18. Hugh Jackman

Jackman could have simply been Wolverine for the rest of his days. He’s banking enough money from that one role to keep him in candy, cars and girls for the rest of his days. But he hasn’t done that.


He starred in Les Miserables and has stayed true to his musical theater roots. That’s normally a euphemism, but not in this case. Jackman just loves the singing and dancing shit and refuses to give it up no matter what the rest of the world thinks.


He has saved kids from a riptide, though, and he’s Wolverine. So there’s that…


Jackman’s laid back style have won him deals with Montblanc and a whole host of others. He’s seen as slick, urbane and a classier woman’s wet dream.



For a full list of Hugh Jackman movies and TV appearances, check his profile here:

Hugh Jackman IMDB Profile


Sylvester Stallone, beat the odds like Rocky

Copyright: Flickr: Nico_genin

19. Sylvester Stallone

The fact that Sylvester Stallone had a movie career of any kind is a testament to his iron will, self-belief and determination in the face of near insurmountable odds.


When doctors used forceps during his birth, they severed a nerve and left him with partial facial paralysis. How can you be an actor when your face doesn’t work properly, your mouth droops and you struggle to talk? I seriously don’t know.


I’d bet good money that even his own family told him to go and do something else. But Stallone simply refused to be beaten. He also did it himself with a sort of, ummm, Rocky story.


After a number of smaller parts, Stallone wrote the script for Rocky in three days and became a smash hit.


Now nobody is ever going to accuse Stallone of being a Tom Hardy-style method actor, he knows his limitations and works within them. That’s why he went on to star in Rambo, Cobra, Cliffhanger and Tango & Cash.


His comedies were pretty dire for the most part and Stallone has produced some horrors in his career.


You simply cannot argue with the fact that he is one of the biggest names in Hollywood, though, and he’s built like a brick shithouse even at 70 years old. He also has a net worth of more than $400 million and there’s just no sign of him slowing down.


Stallone, put simply, is the American dream made real. If nothing else, he’s living proof that anybody with a real work ethic can make it big. For that, we salute him.


For a full list of Sylvester Stallone films, check here:


Sylvester Stallone IMDB Profile


And a few that didn’t make it…

1. Tom Cruise

Cruise is another one that came to the fore at a time when non-threatening leading men were all the rage. It was almost certainly connected to the rise of feminism and masculinity becoming a dirty word. Now, I don’t think he’d get a look in for the likes of Top Gun.


His A-List status meant he got the Mission Impossible franchise, but there isn’t a man alive that would bet money on Ethan Hunt vs Bourne, or Bond, or just about anyone else.


Cruise is actually a bit of an action man on the set and off. He does all his own stunts and he’s big into cars and bikes. So that does score him points, but he just doesn’t come off as fully authentic and that’s what bothers us the most.


The Scientology stuff, the jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa… It just doesn’t work.


2. Christian Bale

He’s got all the tools, but there’s something about Bale that reeks of insecurity. That famous spaz attack on the set of Terminator Genesys pretty much sealed the deal, but Bale does not seem comfortable in his own skin.


He can be a great actor and American Psycho is still an epic piece of cinema, but Bale seems driven and controlled by his demons and insecurities and that means he just couldn’t be on the list.


I’m sure he’s crying himself to sleep over that one…

3. Vin Diesel

Again, he’s got all the basic tools, but there’s just something about Vin Diesel we can’t take seriously. Maybe it’s the try hard name, maybe it’s the lack of real star quality films on his resume or maybe it’s just that we’re sick and tired of the Fast & Furious franchise.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 could change our perception, but Diesel has had every chance to make himself a star. He’s got the physical attributes and yet he just nibbles on the edge of the Hollywood fringes. In short, he’s not good enough to match the guys here.



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