$2 Amazon Watch Is Surprisingly Not Bad!

$2 Amazo Watch is actually pretty sharp and fashionable



Amazon Has a $2 Watch That Looks Surprisingly Good!


We get lost in the Amazon and eBay rabbit-hole so you don’t have to. But now we’ve stumbled across this watch that is literally $1.99 right now.



OK, you have to pay a couple of bucks postage, but this is still a sub-$5 watch. And it’s stainless steel, relatively simple and it really doesn’t look that bad.


I reckon the strap will be a weak spot, but if it keeps decent time, and there’s no reason it won’t, then treat it to a new strap.


This design with a metal strap could actually look far more valuable than the average fashion watch, let alone one with such humble origins.


If you like to wear a watch but they take a beating, buy a few of them. If you just want a cheap watch to take overseas or if you just like the look of it and you’re prepared to part with a few bucks to find out, then get your $2 watch right here.



We do have a soft spot for finer watches, though, and if you’re looking for some quick and easy guides to cheap watches that punch well above their weight, then go here:


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You’ll find a great introduction to some awesome watches and find an option to the bog standard Fossil or modern Seiko. When you really get in to vintage watches then you can find some amazing, timeless classics for less than $100. But take the time to appreciate the finer vintages, too, and you’ll be well on your way to vintage watch geekery.


Or you could, you know, just buy a $2 watch and not care at all.



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