5 Budget iPhone and Samsung Killers

The latest iPhone or Samsung have become ‘essentials’ for some, and I use that term ironically. Nobody needs the latest iPhone, unless you’re a software engineer or you use your phone for seriously complicated tasks. Almost nobody does…


You don’t NEED an iPhone. You want one. You want to be seen with the latest gear, you don’t want to look like a poor guy with outdated equipment and you think your phone is a status symbol. But do you now you can save a lot of money by just buying a phone and shopping round for a SIM only contract or even Pay As You Go?


You are 100%, totally wrong if you think you need the latest gadgets. Some of the richest people have ever met stopped caring about such things long ago and they’ll pull out a ratty old phone to take your details for the most important meeting of your life. This obsession with the latest gadgets shows just how totally fucked over we are by marketing. Gadgets, like the clothes, do not make the man.


Get the smartphone you need, not what you want


90% of us simply don’t need the bells and whistles that go with the latest smartphone. If we’re honest, most of us can make do with something much cheaper. And here’s the kicker: a lot of the budget options give the best smartphones a run for their money.


So save money, hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your bill. Just skip an iPhone generation, turn your back on the cult and try a cheaper option instead. You’ll  be amazed how much you can save on your cellphone bill when you go shopping for a SIM only deal and you’ll be less of a slave to convention. These are both good things.


You pay for the FREE phone in your monthly deal right now anyway. So take charge of your mobile and cut your cellphone bill in half or more.

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Here are five phones that cost a lot less than the latest Apple or Sony, but still do a seriously good job.

MotoG 5th Generation is a great budget smartphone

1. Moto G Plus 5th Gen

Price: $299

Get it here on Amazon


The Moto G has become an icon among budget phone enthusiasts. The 5th generation of this groundbreaking cheap smartphone provides pretty much all the firepower you’ll ever need in the processor and camera.


You can buy this phone unlocked off Amazon for just $227, or $299 if you opt for 4gb of RAM and 64GB of internal storage that is a way better phone. There’s a micro SD card slot, so you can expand it and this is an almighty phone for the money.


Here’s a side-by-side comparison with the much more expensive iPhone 7 that proves my point to perfection.


It’s a 12mb camera, but the Moto G uses Samsung chips and punches well above its weight when it comes to pictures and video. It comes with a flash, too, so you’ll get great shots with this phone. Motorola is claiming 4K video capability, too, and 30FPS capture for a filmic look and for slow motion footage.


You also get an Octa Core processor that runs up to 2GHz. That’s fast enough to run pretty much anything without the phone freezing on you.


The latest iPhone might be slightly better, but we’re talking tiny improvements on this alternative from Motorola that costs about a quarter of the price.


One plus 3T, an iphone killer for much less money


2. One Plus 3T

Price: $439.90

Get it  here on Amazon


This phone was the result of a quest to produce an Android phone that could seriously give the iPhone problems.


The One Pus 3T is the flagship phone and it comes with an almighty 16mp camera with high-quality mode that gives stellar pics. You can even shoot in RAW to give you the most leeway in Photoshop.


You get an 8mb selfie camera at the front, too, which should do wonders for your social media presence.

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The phone is contained in a space-grade aluminum chassis and it’s a solid phone with a Snapdragon 820 chipset. It will go toe-to-toe with the iPhone in more or less every category and the winner will be decided by fractions.


The company promises a bloatware-free Android system that combines with 6GB of RAM, ludicrous processing power and a slick UI to create a near-perfect smartphone.


So, if you want to be different, this is the real deal as an iPhone killer. There’s a new phone on the way, though, the OnePlus 5, so you might want to hang fire.



Huawei Honor 6X, a budget iPhone killer smartphone with a great camera

3. Huawei Honor 6X

Price: $249.99

Get your Huawei Honor 6X on Amazon now!


This Chinese firm has done it again, with a smartphone that is in demand all round the world thanks to the not so simple recipe of a great spec and cheap price.


Photography was a massive deal on the old 5X and the new phone is even better. It’s the first dual sensor 12MP camera in this price bracket and it comes with a creative wide aperture option.


The Honor 6X also gets a fingerprint scanner on the rear for security that is a match for anything on the market, at any price. A solid metal body gives it a premium feel and the Android Nougat operating system is as slick as it gets when combined with the Octacore processor.


It should hold a charge for two days, it will take two SIM cards and it has been over-engineered at every step to convince people to buy Chinese. It’s a compelling phone at this price point and it will do everything you want. When budget smartphones are this good, you just don’t need to spend more.


This phone won the Top Tech Award at CES 2017. It’s just that good.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro,a potential iPhone killer fitted with Google Tango

4. Lenovo Phab 2

Price: $199.99

Get it on Amazon here

If you’re into Augmented Reality and you  want a Google Tango-enabled phone, this is one of the few options right now.

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Lenovo has carved a reputation for value-for-money in the laptop sector and now it’s going for the smartphone market.


The Phab 2 Pro is another phone with a metal body, a quad HD display on its 6.4” screen. It has 3 microphones and noise-cancelling, too, which is an impressive feature on its own. As for image quality, the pursuit of AR perfection means the Phab 2 Pro is equipped with four lenses and that helps the 16mb rear camera do its job.


It’s loaded with 4GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 652 processor that is so fast you’ll never really notice a lag in normal use.


It’s an incredible phone and as AR becomes ‘a thing’ it could make the current iPhone look like a relic.


ZTE Axon 7, a budget iPhone and Samsung killer

5. ZTE Axon 7

Price: $239.99

Get it  here on Amazon


This sleek looking, aluminum-bodied phone was designed with BMW’s help and packs in some major features. They include a 20mp camera and dual front facing speakers that give you stereo sound and 4K video capture and 240fps capture for slow-motion sequences.


It comes loaded with a 2.15GHz quad core Snapdragon processor, 4GB of RAM, fourth generation Gorilla Glass and a whole host of other sexy features. The 5.5” screen is super high-res, with an AMOLED display giving 2560×1440 resolution and that is officially Quad HD.


It’s Android, so you get a world of apps at your disposal. It takes dual SIM cards, you can expand the internal memory with a Micro SD and you get fingertip recognition, too, to secure your phone the best possible way.


Again, you can buy it unlocked from Amazon and use it with your own SIM card and cheap plan. You’ll probably save a fortune compared to a contract iPhone and it’s got a 4.5 star-rating on Amazon with more than 640 reviews. So it’s a great phone at the right price.







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