6 Male Supplements That Actually Work!

If you walk into a GNC then you’ll see a wall of supplements and it can take your whole life to test and verify that they actually do anything.


When you start looking to buy supplements online, things get even tougher.


I’m not talking about the bullshit sex supplements. You won’t get a recommendation for ‘Giant Iron Rod’ tablets here.


No, I’m talking about the gym supplements, the testosterone boosting supplements and the genuine compounds that do put a spring back in your step, as well as added life in your dick.


Some of them work, most of them don’t and they won’t be the ones you think.


Most Male Supplements Are A Placebo


The problem with supplements for men is that you get a placebo effect, especially if you’re taking a few together and you just don’t know what is working.


A lot of them also do basically the same thing.


You might be taking Gingko Biloba, for instance, which kinda works. But Icariin and Macca both kick its ass.


I experimented with them for more than a year before settling on this recipe. At one point, I took 20 capsules a day. There was barely room for food.


So if you have a cupboard full of pills and you’re totally lost, here is our handy guide to the only five you really need and one more for luck.


1. Icariin


Icariin - Natural Viagra, trust me



This shit is the secret weapon and you don’t need to take my word for it. Dig around on the bodybuilding forums and you’ll find that serious lifters love this shit.


It helps recovery and you’ll find your workout intensity and even the weights you can lift goes up. It’s like a natural steroid.


And it does something else…


Icariin Gives You Morning Wood And Boosts Sex Drive


Take this for a week and you’ll find, no joke, that you get morning wood all the time.


You’ll literally be horny all the time. It’s like being 18 again, and knowing what to do with it this time around.


Icariin is natural Viagra, way better than anything you’ll find online as a ‘male supplement’.

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Icariin is the active ingredient in Epimedrium, which in turn is the ‘business end’ of Horny Goat Weed.


This is a herbal remedy for impotence that goes back centuries.


Icariin: Get Full Strength, Not The Shit In The Store


But you don’t want the 10% Epimedrium shit you get in the herbal store.


That won’t do jack shit.


You need the hardcore Icariin and it’s one of our goals to make this cheaper, because we know it can be.


Long term we’re going to sell this ourselves, for a better price, but the Liftmode powder is legit.


It’s expensive, but 10g will go a long way and you should get 200 servings out of a tub, which is more than two months in real terms.


Don’t buy the random shiz off Amazon. Most of them are claiming dosages that just don’t make sense. The ingredients they claim to contain literally couldn’t fit into the capsule.


But do sign up on the top bar. Once we have enough people willing to buy then we’ll make the order.


We know where to get it, but it’s the kind of bulk order requirement that would make you cry to make it affordable. 



2. Tongkat Ali

Price: $24.95/100g


Tongkat Ali - Atestosterone boosting natural steroid.




This is the, simply, the best natural testosterone booster you can buy. But again, don’t get the pussy shit from the herbal store.


Find 200:1 strength and then take it in cycles. In fact, that’s a pretty good sign you’re dealing with good stuff.


If it comes with a warning not to take it constantly, but instead to use it for two weeks then one week off, or something similar, then it’s a solid strength.


Tongkat Ali is an Asian root extract that is also known as Longjack, Eurycoma logifolia and Pasak Bumi.


It has been used in tea going back centuries to boost virility and fertility.


How Does Tongkat Ali Work?


How does Tongkat Ali work? Black magic, that’s how…


Not really.


Basically, it increases your body’s testosterone levels by stimulating the production of Luteinzing Hormones.

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It also lowers natural Oestrogen production and reduces the stress hormone Cotisol that is a killer for your sex drive.


Finally  it attacks the Globulins that bind to testosterone and renders it unusable.


So it’s a badass herb that will boost your testosterone levels and that has been proven time and again.


Some folks take Tribulus Terrestris thinking it does basically the same thing. It really, really doesn’t.


Tribulus is nowhere near as good. So get a strong Tongkat Ali and prepare to feel the difference.



3. Citrulline Malate

Price  $22.76/500g

Citrulline Malate - A workout precursor to L-Arginine



L-Arginine is the obvious choice, but it’s not the one to go for.


Citrulline occurs naturally in watermelon, which is one of those foods that will give you stronger erections.


It’s the precursor to L-Arginine, which effectively dilates blood vessels and helps blood reach those hard to reach places.


Citrulline Malate Cleans Up Your Blood


It goes beyond that, too. Various studies have shown it cleans up the system, removes ammonia and stimulates the release of insulin.


So Citrulline Malate is a favorite pre-workout supplement for serious gymrats. It will improve endurance recovery and it’s so cheap that it’s worth throwing in to the mix.


Be warned, though, it tastes like shit.


So, stir it into a strong tasting shake or even mix it with lemon water and down it.



4. French Pine Bark

Price: $35.10



French Pine Bark - Supplements that work





Pycnogenol is the active ingredient in French Pine Bark and on its own it isn’t all that impressive.


When I added it to the above cocktail, though, it changed everything.


The best way to describe it is that it works to turboboost the effects of the other supplements. On its own the turbo is useless, but when you strap it to the engine then it gives you more horsepower.


It makes sense. Pycnogenol has long been used to promote cardiovascular and circulatory health and so adding this to the best male supplements on the market is logical in its own way.

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I can’t fully explain how well it worked, but I know that it did.


So, try it, and try without it. See what a difference it makes for you.



5. Creatine

Price: $11.95/250g






This one isn’t a big secret. It’s a nitrogenous organic acid that helps recycle adenosine triphosphate, which is pretty much the basis of energy in the system.


Build Creatine into your daily supplement routine and you will train harder and build muscle faster.


It works best for high intensity training, but you’ll feel the effects of Creatine in the gym and it does wonders for your recovery too.


On this, I can hit the gym every day, without it then I’m feeling the effects and trying to find an excuse not to hit the weights.


Some people will argue for the more expensive ones, but I’m not one of them.


Creatine Monohydrate is good enough, unless you’re a top level professional sportsman. So, get the cheap bag off Amazon and see what it does for you.


First, you’ll gain weight, but some of the early gains will be water weight, with 2-4 lbs in the first week as a rough guide.


After that, it’s all muscle.



6. Red Macca

Price: 16.99/1lb


Red Macca - A supplement that works





Macca root is famous for giving you energy and boosting your sex drive.


This Peruvian root, also known as Lepidium meyenii, is packed full of antioxidants and it has been used as a libido booster since ancient Incan times.


It’s not the only one I’d use, it really is a supplement for the other supplements and if you want to drop one then this is probably the one to get rid of.


Some recent studies have shown it really is a placebo and not much more, but then there is anecdotal evidence that it can reduce the size of a person’s prostate and do other things that have a knock-on effect on sexual health.


But it does serve a purpose. It definitely helps boost your energy levels and, in some cases, that’s enough.








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