$750 Turbine Could Power A House Forever



An Indian start-up has produced a wind turbine that costs less than an iPhone that could power a third world house for a lifetime.


Avant Garde Innovations has produced this basic, functional turbine that can generate 5kWh of power a day. You still need a battery on the other end of it to really maximise the returns, but this is a huge development for the poor of India.


Electricity is a luxury in parts of a country that has designs on joining the global superpower elite in the coming years. That has to change and Elon Musk is another one looking at powering the continent through solar power and his PowerPack 2 and Powerwall set-ups.


This turbine is a more agricultural solution, but it’s something that can go into active service right now and it works. Brothers Arun and Anoop George from Kerala  have made a ceiling-fan sized creation that could change lives.



“Our goal is to eliminate energy poverty, reduce dependence on struggling state power grids and create energy self-sufficiency for all the needy ones through distributed, localized and affordable renewable energy. In doing so, we believe we can collectively usher in our world a cleaner environment, new economic prosperity and social change,” reads the company ‘What We Do’ statement.


“Our first offering is a highly affordable small wind turbine suitable for residential, commercial, agricultural, village electrification and other uses, which is aimed for market launch during 2016.”


We love stuff like this, because it’s innovation and lateral thinking in the face of adversity. It also shows a way to a cleaner world, which can never be a bad thing.




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