Accept We’re All Crazy And Your Life Will Improve

Crazy cow, we're all nuts


I used to get a lot more worked up with people and frustrated when they just couldn’t see my point of view.


Then I realized something.


Everybody is crazy. And that includes me and you.


Slightly Crazy, Not Full Bore Insane


Not full-bore, pants on your head, pencils up your nose crazy. But we’ve all got our own unique filter on the world.


We all see the whole game with a touch of color that is all our own recipe.


It comes from childhood, life experiences, our home country, our friends, work colleagues and more.


Your Version Of Normal Isn’t Mine


It means that somebody else’s normal, even your closest friend’s, isn’t yours by a long shot.


And when you really think about it, that’s the cause of most of our frustrations in life.


If everybody saw the world exactly as you do, if everybody had precisely the same response as you and if everybody had the same values, then arguments as you know them would cease to exist.


Ok, there would still be the occasional issue. Life doesn’t go to plan and sometimes even you know you’re behaving like a dick and you’d be pissed if you had to deal with your shit right now.

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But those times are rare.


Most Fights Are Down To Perspective


Instead, most trouble comes from wanting different things, opposing goals or simply not seeing the world the same way. Like at all.


But if you go in to every discussion with the concept that yours is the gold standard response and everything else is simply wrong, then you’re going to give yourself problems.


Go in with a different attitude. Understand that the person in front of you is maybe 10% crazy, and you are 10% crazy. What you’ve done there is to create wiggle room, for them sure and also for you.


Soften Your Rigid View


You’ll find your outlook on the world softens, and the way you deal with people changes.


You’ll shrug off shit that drove you mad before. Even when you totally disagree with someone, you learn to let it go rather than steam in and correct them.


You’ll lose that rigid attachment to your precise outcome and you’ll chill the fuck out.


Sometimes You Need To Stand Firm


Now, caveat time, you need to know when to stand your ground, too, and that’s something you’ll come to in time.

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But start off with a touch more flex.


Accept that everybody is nuts in their own special way and guess what?


That means you are too.



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