Adam Carolla: Why Modern College Kids Are Pussies

carolla: SJW college kids are pussies



Adam Carolla might be a comedian, but the man has come out with some pretty profound shit in his time and he’s a go-to reference for the self-help community.


Coach Corey Wayne quotes his favorite concept of going through the door that swings open for you, rather than pushing against a locked door, all the time.


Now, Carolla has come out with another brilliant set of insights and explained why college kids today are turning into pussies.


I am paraphrasing, of course, but we all know that safe spaces, gender fluidity and the fear of offending a minority is going too far.


It’s actually taking precedence over real work and feelings seem to be the new facts.


Political correctness has gone mad and then kept on going to a place the rest of the world would never want to visit.



Carolla’s Campus Tour Got Shut Down

15 years ago, he toured the college campuses. This year he tried again, and got shut down almost immediately.


“If you take astronauts and put them in zero gravity, they lose muscle mass and bone density. We’re protecting these kids so much that the same thing is happening. They need to live in a world that has gravity. We’re keeping kids in a bubble and thinking they’ll emerge stronger. That’s not happening,” Adam Carolla.


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It’s an eloquent way of saying that the kids of today are turning into overly sensitive pussies who will take offence at literally anything and turn it into an assault.


SJWs Are Killing Free Speech


Free speech is under threat and that is just another form of facism, dressed up as concern for the oppressed few.


It’s not good enough to be honest. We need to take a look at ourselves as a race for allowing minority groups to dictate policy for the majority.


I don’t want to overly politicize the site. Other people do a better job of this.


Disagreeing With A Girl is NOT Mysogyny


But when anyone that disagrees with a woman is a rampant mysogynist, when someone that doesn’t actually want to date a tranny is labelled a homophobe and we begin to trade in fear of offence, then something has to change.


I watched some noxious little pleb on Youtube the other week, drinking rose wine and reviewing a Jim Carrey movie from the 90s with the benefit of ‘enlightened hindsight’ to reveal the rampant transphobism and marginilisation of ‘non neurotypicals’.


I could link to it, but I don’t wanna.


We have better things to do with our time.

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If you don’t, you really should.


SJWs Need An Actual Challenge


Carolla, in contrast to these mollycoddled Social Justice Warriors, has actually led a pretty interesting life. He was a carpenter, then a boxing instructor. He taught Jimmy Kimmel to box and the rest is kind of history.


Some of these modern college kids could do with signing up to those classes and getting a thicker skin to temper their moral outrage.


Kids, you need to toughen up, or this world will eat you alive.



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