Alberta Man Mows Lawn While Tornado Closes In

This is an awesome shot of just what ‘zero fucks given’ can really look like, albeit applied to pretty mundane household chore.


Theunis Wessels was mowing the lawn that day, which should hardly be enough to make him a viral media sensation. The thing is, there’s a fuck-off great tornado in the background of the shot that wife Cecilia took and posted on Facebook.



This is quite hardcore in its own, very weird way


Now Theunis maintains it was further away than it looks and he was ‘keeping an eye’ on it, but we’re still pretty impressed that he could go about daily tasks while there’s a natural disaster raging on the next hill. They are not common in Alberta, either, and most people were either taking cover or taking pictures.


We might think about getting inside, in the basement, and opening the canned goods and bottled water. But not this guy apparently.


The tornado apparently stirred up 100mph winds and caused major  havoc elsewhere, but  this is  still a pretty epic picture and we have to doff our cap to Theunis Wessels.



Become unfuckwithable, like Theunis


This is basically the dictionary definition of becoming Unfuckwithable. It’s a zen-like state that every man should strive to attain. It means nothing and nobody can knock you off your center or even phase you.

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It’s so utterly above the slings and arrows of life that it’s pretty much a theoretical, unattainable goal. It’s the perfect score.


But it’s what we should be going for each and every day. Theunis Wessels seems to have  found that groove in small town Canada, and he can serve as just a tiny bit of inspiration to the rest of us with his calm, tranquil and  zero fucks given approach to the world at large. Good work fella.



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