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Avegant Glyph Review : A Mobile IMAX Cinema Headset

It doesn’t matter how big your flatscreen is, it’s never going to be totally immersive. The Avegant Glyph is a simple idea, executed brilliantly, it’s a headset that effectively that puts a cinema screen in front of your eyes.


The Avegant Glyph isn’t quite an IMAX, if we’re 100% honest, or a VR headset like the Oculus Rift  or Sony’s Playstation VR. It’s not quite that immersive and it’s not designed to be. But it is like carrying round a massive 50” screen with you and placing it 1 meter in front of your face.


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You can also watch or play games for hours without suffering the nausea that can go with a complete headset. Others are hooking them up to drones and using them as video goggles that give you a first-person perspective of life in the air.


Being able to see round the edges of the goggles is a real bonus for drone use, as you can actually see your drone in the sky and not fall foul of any line of sight laws.



Avegant Glyph price is just $498.99


Now the Avegant Glyph price is just $498.99 from Amazon and it can change the way you watch TV, especially if you travel a lot and want to take a mobile cinema with you.


Yeah, it’s a pretty selfish experience, because you can’t sit round with the family and watch a film. But, if you live alone or spend a lot of time on the road then this could be essential equipment for the bachelor lifestyle.

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It also means you can play games or watch something good while your girl watches soul sucking romantic comedies on the TV.


The Glyph hooks up to almost anything, including your home network, and you can have Netflix, your entire movie library and more at the touch of a button. It’s HDMI connected, so you might need a dongle. But that’s not a deal-breaker.


Avegant Glyph - A personal cinema in a headset, wild!


The Avegant Glyph mimics natural sight, not TV


The science behind the Avegant Glyph is ridiculous. It isn’t a screen in front of both eyes, in fact there are two million mirrors that beam the image into your eyes. It isn’t full HD, but it feels like it is.


The Avegant Retinal Imaging Technology is actually designed to mimic human sight and uses a low-power light source to beam the image on to your eyes, via all those mirrors. The end result is that it feels more like natural sight than actually watching something on a screen.


You can calibrate it perfectly for your eyes and it doubles as a set of wireless headphones when you want to listen to music.



Avegant Glyph is a Kickstarter success story


The headset launched on Kickstarter in 2014 and attracted more than $1.5 million of backing from more than 3,300 people. It took a while to get here, but now you can buy one from the world’s favorite online store.


Avegant Glyph - a home movie theater in a headset


New technology is never perfect


This is new technology and we have to say it isn’t perfect. The headset weighs in at 434g, which is pretty hefty. You also have to use the nose bridge and make sure it sits right if you want to stay comfortable.

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That aside, though, this is a genius invention that basically means you can take your flatscreen TV on the road and enjoy your movies, games and more with just a headset. It’s a way better alternative to a portable projector if you don’t mind being alone.


It’s going in the digital nomad traveller kit for me from now on and if you travel with business that this and an iPad could become your new best friend. In fact, this tech could spell the end of the iPad in the end, as a haptic glove for input means you’ll just need the glasses.


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What is the Avegant Light Field?


The second release from Avegant is basically Augmented Reality. It’s really not for the general public, yet, but it’s so utterly badass that we want to mention it and you never know when this tech is going to become a part of everyday life.


In the end it will help us spend time with loved ones that are actually half way round the world and, thanks to the Retinaal Imaging Technology you find in the Glyph, the Avegant Light Field should offer a much more realistic look and feel rather than a screen-style approach and fake 3D.


The early prototype shows that you can hold objects in your hand and the focus feels right, it looks real and this could really be the next chapter. We could all be wearing glasses like this in the near future and getting Terminator-style breakdowns of the world around us, guided tours and early warnings when bad things are about to happen. 

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It’s mind-boggling stuff, have a look for yourself:



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    1. Cost is a tricky thing with tech,especially new tech. I think 10 times too expensive is pushing it, to be fair to them. Could it be cheaper? Probably, but then it could be more expensive as well!

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