Boy’s Toys: Massage Chair Kahuna LM6800

Imagine coming home to a full massage every night, from an expert.


Imagine leaving the gym, knowing that all your aches and pains are about to melt away into sweet nothingness.


Sound good? Then you need a massage chair.


Kahuna LM6800 massage chair



More to the point, you need this massage chair, the Zero Gravity Full Body Kahuna LM6800, which has rave reviews on Amazon and is in the sweet spot price wise.



This $2000 Chair Could Be An Investment


It isn’t cheap. This is a mid-range effort and the Full Body Kahuna still costs $1899. But, a real massage a day would cost at least $50, so that’s more than $18,000 a year if you do this the old-fashioned way.


If you own a company, your staff, clients and visitors will love you if you put one in the office and you’ll get more back in terms of productivity and even new business than you spent.


The chair dishes out perfect, balanced, 15-minute massages according to your specifications.


Buy Your Kahuna LM6800 massage chair online on Amazon right now.


How Does A Massage Chair Work?


Underneath the skin, there are a series of rollers and air pockets that inflate to provide the pressure on your muscles.


Combined with a pretty aggressive roller, this feels every bit as convincing as a masseuse digging her thumbs into your shoulder.


The Zero Gravity part is the way the chair holds your body in the absolute perfect place to receive a massage. It’s the position that you feel most relaxed.

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Then, it will massage your shoulders, back, hands and even your feet at the same goddamn time. It has  heat pads in the lumbar region and your legs and it’s basically heaven waiting for you at home.


The Full Body Kahuna offers Shiatsu tapping and kneading-style massages, but it goes beyond that too. It can actually give you a full spinal adjustment with a gentle chiropractic workout of your spine.


Not enough? How about a yoga stretching routine while you sit back and do nothing and the chair manipulates your body to get you going in the morning. It will literally hold and stretch your legs and arms.


Kahuna Full Body Massage Chair


A Massage Chair Is A Spa In Your Home


Most of us simply couldn’t justify this kind of self-indulgence on a daily basis. You would have to live at a spa.


Then there’s that awkward moment when her, and it would have to be her, oily hands brush your junk.


A professional massage is relaxing and weird in equal measure, especially if there’s no happy ending.


That’s why the manufacturers have been working on these massage chairs for years.


The first ones were awful, but the new breed is really, really good.


Click the image to buy your luxurious massage chair on Amazon now.

Zero Gravity Kahuna Massage Chair Review


Just read the customer reviews on Amazon and you’ll think this is the best massage chair in the world. Seriously, when I wrote this, it had 186 reviews and a 4.5 star Amazon rating.

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Most of them are using it every single day.


“At $1800 it is a steal. I had one 10 years ago that was nothing near how this works. Technology has come a long way. The chiro and yoga options are awesome,” J Considine, Amazon Reviewer..


So, if you suffer from random aches and pains, you struggle to get to sleep or you suffer with anxiety, a 15-minute stint in the chair could solve all those things.


This could be the cure for enduring back pain, too.


Forget staring at the TV until your eyes close, take control of your sleep and your mood with a massage.


“WOW!!! Well worth the $1799 price!!! I had shopped around for these and tried a few, even went to a local chiropractor for recommendations. From the base of your skull to the tips of your toes – you feel it. We both enjoy a massage before bed, and I sleep much better. I also enjoy the yoga stretching function because I get a wonderful stretch and massage after running,” GTRrna, Amazon reviewer.


Buy your Kahuna Full Body LM6800 Massage Chair Here.


Combine The Chair And Hypnosis


If you want to go really next level, get the headphones in and listen to a hypnosis mp3 while you’re at it.


Do this and your massage chair can become your sanctuary, your oasis of calm and serenity. You might even prefer it to a night in a bar in the end.


Control Stress And You Will Improve


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A calm and relaxed mind is worth all the money in the world.


When you’re stress free then you can think better, work better and you simply won’t get in your own way as much.


So, while a massage chair might seem like a frivolous expense, it could be a very real investment in your state of mind. It could even represent a commitment to a calmer you.


It’s almost certainly better value than the annual holiday and will have more of an impact on you over the course of the year.


“I absolutely love it! I had polio as a child, I have 3 vertebrates fused and I’m in a constant state of “hurt”. I detest painkillers, and while massage is helpful, I lack access and funds, so I look wherever I can for relief. This massage chair does that in spades! It is simply blissful for me,” Fred K, Amazon reviewer.


Physical and Mental Relaxation Are Intertwined


I’ve written about confidence boosting techniques before and they’re free, but sometimes there’s no substitute for physical relaxation. It can be the key to complete mental relaxation, and you can have it working on your hands, feet, shoulders and back by this time tomorrow.


This massage chair could be a godsend for many of you. It isn’t cheap, but if you use it every day then it is an absolute Amazon bargain.


Full Body Massage Chair Kahuna LM6800

Price: $1,899

Number of Reviews: 186

Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars

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