Are Brazilian Girls The Best In The World?

Are Brazilian women the best in the world?

Everybody has their own personal preferences when it comes to women. Some guys love Asian girls, others have a thing for Eastern European women and others swear by the steady temperament of Germans. Personally, I think Brazilian women are the best in the world.


The one thing that stays pretty constant with guys that have been around a little is that North American women really aren’t all that. Or women from the UK, or most First World countries to be honest.


They are spoilt, entitled Princesses that simply don’t bring enough to the table for the laundry list of demands they expect to throw your way. Girls who have had a harder life tend to appreciate the little things more and come with a more balanced assessment of their own worth.


I spent four years with one Brazilian woman. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl I have been with, but she was spectacular. Since then, I have dated four more. I’m drawn to them like some are driven to Japanese girls, or African girls. Maybe they just suit my personality better than girls from other regions, maybe they really are that good.


This is her. No  make-up, no hair extensions, totally natural. With make-up she was smoldering. Even without it, when most American girls are a dumpster fire, she looked pretty damned good. I have dated more beautiful girls before and since, but she did it for me.


My Brazilian girlfriend

For me, Brazilian girls are simply the best in the world. Nobody is perfect and Brazilian women are not the subservient sex slave you might be dreaming of. But here’s my reasons why Brazilian girls are the best in the world.

You don’t have to go to Rio de Janeiro to meet one, too, as there are big Brazilian communities in New York City, LA, London, Sydney Australia and you can find Brazilian girls all over.

Check for yourself on Brazilian Cupid and prepare to be amazed.

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My Brazilian girlfriend

Excuse my spastic hands…

1. Brazilian girls are the peak of femininity


Yes, Brazilian women simply understand sexuality, and while American women are trying to be ‘one of the guys’, Brazilian girls focus on how to get our attention.


Brazilian women learn to thrust the tits and ass out as part of normal life, not just for their latest Instagram update. They can give you a smoldering look without breaking out the duck lips and they move with elegance and grace.


It’s hard-wired into them and they don’t need to ‘turn it on’. When they do, it’s another level of hot.


Miss BumBum, the competition lines up to show their Brazilian ass

Miss BumBum, the competition lines up

2. Brazilian ass might be the best ass in the world


Brazilian girls have nice asses. This is pretty much common knowledge. It’s partially the ethnic mix, but it’s also the work they put into it. Girls in Brazil know the power of a nice ass.


This is a country that has an annual Miss Bum Bum competition. They take it so seriously that girls spend hours in the gym sculpting their ass. Some of them go even further. Silicon implants are normal in Brazil, for the tits and ass. So if a girl isn’t naturally blessed then she’ll go for that firm, round ass any way she can.


My girls have had the perfect, round, gravity defying ass. And they are all experts at twerking.


They love to show it off on the dancefloor, again it’s natural for them. They make even the best American dancer look like a club-footed quadraplegic.


3. They are a perfect mix of nationalities


Brazil has played host to African slaves, Spanish invaders and an influx of Europeans. Now saying they’re a perfect mix sounds a touch racist, but what I’m saying is there almost  is no typical Brazilian girl, which means you’ll find your perfect girl there somewhere.

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You can find the slim, tanned, blonde Germanic supermodels like Giselle Bundchen, particularly on the beaches of Rio, or you can find the dark Mulatas, a dazzling combination of Indian, Native American and African that are my personal favorites.


The Brazilians have seven different words ‘shades’ of people, according to their own language.


So, whatever kind of girl is your dream girl, you’ll find her in Brazil.


5. Brazilian girls will force you to be the man


It isn’t all plain sailing. Brazilian girls shit test like almost no other and you have to constantly hold your frame if you want a happy life with them.


They will push your buttons, go looking for drama and they’re famously jealous.


So, you can only handle a Brazilian girl when you’re at the top of your game and you have to just laugh at them. When they’re looking for an argument, be amused. When they’re looking for validation, give them just enough.


Become a doormat with a Brazilian girl and she will walk all over you. It’s really that simple. Hold your ground, let her know she’s not the boss and she’ll treat you like a King 95% of the time.


Just don’t let her get through the cracks when she’s testing you and know it’s a test. If you don’t, your’re fucked. And not in a good way.


4. Brazilian women love sex as much as you do


When I first got together with my first Brazilian girlfriend, I had to go visit a friend in the middle of a four-day trip for a night off. They will break you.


It might sound like a Penthouse Forum-style fantasy, but it wasn’t unusual for her to nudge me awake at three in the morning for round three or four. This was when I was 25 and had this kind of performance on tap.


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In Brazil, they are largely poor and sex is one of the few things in life that really are free. So, you better believe that Brazilian girls are amazing at it.


6. They are traditional


The man is expected to provide and the women takes care of him and has children. This can be a problem if you don’t want to get married and have kids, but if you do want to then there’s none of the gender confusion that you get with North American women.


They’re happy with a traditional set-up and it’s far simpler than the mess we have in the States and the UK. Is it perfect? Nothing is. But there is at least a way to win the game. Take care of her and you’ll get the respect and love that treatment deserves, rather than smoldering resentment and man-hating dressed up as feminism.


7. A lot of them are hookers

This isn’t a criticism or anything wrong, it’s a fact of life. The Brazilian passport isn’t an all access pass to the world and a lot of Brazilian girls are either undocumented or their visa doesn’t allow them to work. But life isn’t free, so they have to find a way.


Just be aware of that, because I have dated two Brazilian girls that didn’t tell me they were hookers. I had to figure it out. They didn’t charge me, I’m not talking about a dubious arrangement where they present you with a bill at the end. But they might tell you they’re a childminder, or a barmaid, and you later figure out that they don’t earn their money like that.


Again, it’s not a judgement. It’s just something to be aware  of and if you really don’t want a bad surprise then just be aware of what’s going on.


Check their social media and see what vibe you get if that’s an issue for you.


Get yourself a Brazilian girl and get ready to feel the love…





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