Britain Wrecked By Snow And The World Is Laughing


Every year snow slams part of Europe and, every year, some countries still get shocked.


This year, the kind of snow that wouldn’t even register in the likes of Norway has bought Great Britain to a standstill.


I can laugh, sat here in shorts and flip-flops in the Caribbean.


Remind me of this sarcasm in the depths of hurricane season…


I don’t seem to remember the weather being a such a funny joke when Hurricane Irma teared up over the Caribbean like a pissed off snake.


I also spent a cold, dark 18 months living in Southern Germany, right on the Hessen-Bavaria border. So I know about snow.


I had to change to winter tires and drive in heavy snow.


The airports keep working, the trains run and buses don’t sit in the depot. Everyone gets on with it because they can’t exactly hibernate.


Britain doesn’t do that.


The UK just cannot handle snow anymore and the people are trolling t them hard.


The whole world has waded in on the UK this week after cringey displays of Dunkirk Spirit and clearing the shelves of luxury foods, rather than water, to get them through the harsh winter snap.


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