You can build an iPhone from parts you buy online

The iPhone 7 is a seriously expensive bit of kit that starts from $749, but that’s just the way it is right? Not for self-confessed nerd Scotty Allen, who trawled through Chinese markets to find the parts he needed to build his own iPhone.


It took months to build and Allen is a former Silicon Valley software engineer, so this probably won’t be for everyone. By the time you finish your new cellphone, it could be out of date already and the fact that Allen actually built an iPhone 6s speaks volumes.



You must be able to buy these parts online


It is still pretty cool that you can put together your own phone with parts sourced from backstreet markets for a fraction of the cost, though, if you have the patience, the talent and a vacation to China that costs way more than a new phone from your local store. Look, we know it doesn’t make sense, but we like this kind of ingenuity. Theoretically, too,if you can buy the parts at a market then you can get them online.


The metal back was the easy part, there are thousands of them on sale in the Chinese markets. A working screen was far more complex, but with the help of an Apple parts specialist and some slick machinery, Allen managed to create the touchscreen.

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The parts for an iPhone are readily available


The logic board, the heart and brain of the iPhone, cost just a few dollars and Allen managed to source the buttons, speaker, microphone and more for relative pennies.


“I think anyone watching this with enough patience could do this as well. This totally isn’t rocket science, it’s not a lot different from putting together your own desktop computer,” he said.


It is kind of pointless, because most of us value months of our time and wouldn’t dream of embarking on a project like this. But we’re glad that someone took the time to work out how an iPhone works and build one from scratch.


So you can build an iPhone from spare parts and you could probably source most of them on the internet. If anybody actually takes this on, please let us know how it turns out!



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