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I’m a big fan of Airbnb and honestly I don’t think I could have been a Digital Nomad without it. That one site opened up my eyes to the possibilities of traveling and living abroad and if you have never made a booking then you should really give it a try with my Airbnb coupon.


You can get a beachfront condo in Cancun, a mountain hideaway in Ubud, Bali, or a luxury pad in the center of Sao Paulo. You should even check Airbnb New York and Miami if you’re heading there. I seriously think Airbnb has better options than a hotel in almost every location on Earth right now.


Check it out for yourself, search for a month and get a $40 discount on your first booking here with my own Airbnb coupon:

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Nick’s personal AirBnB discount voucher code.


You’ll get the best discounts when you look for a month, even if you’re staying for two weeks it could work out cheaper as the discounts an go as high as 75%. So make sure you take advantage of that little travel hack. Alternatively, you really could save up all your holidays and go and live in paradise for a whole month for less than a price of a week-long package tour.


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You also get other benefits.


  • You can choose an apartment without front desk security, so it’s always a girl friendly hotel with Airbnb.
  • If you rent from an owner you can even rent a condo in a hotel and you won’t get all the extra bills that the suckers pay.
  • You get cooking facilities and all the advantages of a real apartment, sometimes for less than half the price of a hotel.
  • Hotels can be a pain if you’re there for a long time, a proper apartment gives you privacy and as much luxury as you want to pay for.
  • The price can be unbelievable on Airbnb, I paid $12 a day for my first apartment in the Dominican Republic.
  • Even in high season or at peak times (conventions etc) you can find reasonably priced apartments that don’t apply the same surge charges with Airbnb.
  • You can find amazing places on Airbnb that you just can’t get on a normal hotel website.


I’ll be writing plenty more on AirBnB in the months and years to come, because I think it’s an awesome way to travel the world. But if you’re going for a weekend or the rest of your life, then check out the site, get inspired and just go somewhere.

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You can thank me later.



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