Cocaine, Sex & Booze: Colombia Gets Marketing

Colombia sex island, a dream vacation with Colombian hookers, cocaine and booze

Update: So Colombia is not happy about this, at all. It has vowed to kick people coming on this awesome $1400 adventure out the country. So just enjoy the idea, but don’t book…

One smart company is offering a Colombian vacation with a difference: all the hookers and booze you can drink on a drug friendly island.


Now Colombian girls are legendary, witness Shakira in her pre-wall days, even now to be honest, if you need proof. Medellin is a mongering hotspot and has been for years, while the rest of the country has cleaned up its act from the Narcos days and is an adventure travel icon.


The ‘Sex Island Experience’, though, plays to every wonderful, luscious stereotype we have of this exotic land that is on my list and is probably my next destination after the Dominican Republic.


A High Class Colombian Monger Experience


This vacation is for the well-heeled pervert, there’s no two ways about it. It’s off the coast off Cartagena and you get a villa, boat trips and all the sex you can handle with girls that are probably paying their way through law school. Or something.


You even get a unique session on the second day of this four-day odyssey where one man gets to enjoy 16 Colombian girls at once in what the company describes as a “chance to find your true self.”

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Then you get to eat dinner off a naked Colombian girl. Because, why not?


Colombia sex, awesome place


The Sloppy Seconds Bit Is Gross


The first trip is scheduled for November and I bet it’s sold out already. This is good, solid marketing and 30 men will get 60 Colombian girls to keep them company on the adventure of a lifetime.


Of course, it’s the nature of the beast that you’ll be getting one of your new friend’s sloppy seconds at some stage of the game. But put that out of your mind and just enjoy a smorgasbord of Colombian beautiful women, the Champagne and the Cocaine that is hinted at but never quite admitted to.


Colombian girls and sex on a yacht


It’s Not Pimping, Honest…


Prostitution is legal in Colombia, but pimping girls out is not. We hope they found just the right shade of grey for this advertising campaign, but we’re not sure.


It worked on us, but the website is down right now.


So, the owners have either had a quiet visit from the police or the advertising worked too well and their hosting company cannot cope. Youtube has pulled its videos too, so maybe it really has gone too far.


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Either way, you can look for yourself on









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