Craziest Comebacks in UFC History

We love a good comeback story round here. In fact the whole site started out as a comeback story and is now growing in to a force of its own.


But that was a gradual comeback. You don’t get time for that in the UFC and that’s what makes these comeback victories all the more spectacular.



Yes, that first fight is T.J. Dillashaw’s epic comeback against Cody Garbrandt. The title was on the line and he was out on his feet at the end of the first round, before he somehow got saved by the bell and came back a different man in the second.


Brock Lesnar rates a mention, too. The general feeling was that he didn’t like getting hit, but nobody will ever really know how badly the Diverticulus that smashed his guts up took out of Lesnar.


When he first started out he was a beast and his brawl with Shane Carwin ended when Lesnar just grabbed a side lock and squeezed the life out of him. It was pretty badass and it’s easy to forget that Lesnar had some seriously good performances in the UFC.


Frank Mir gets all but punched unconscious before he comes back to win with a spectacular Kamura that looks like it leaves his opponent’s arm broken.


But that led me down another Youtube rabbit hole and I found this video and the infamous Cheick Kongo comeback while he was literally falling over.



Watch these and a selection of other fighters that stared defeat in the face and just refused to go down that road.


Live with this level of grit and determination and you won’t go too far wrong.


F0r now, just enjoy watching people kick and punch each other into pure unconsciousness and revel in the madness that is a good, back and forth MMA fight.






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