Cristiano Ronaldo And His Surrogate Children. WTF?

Cristiano Ronaldo, arguably the world’s most famous sportsman, has confirmed that he has ‘had’ twins with a surrogate mother. He already has one son from a surrogate, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, and it kind of begs the question: WTF?


Is this a single dad phenomenon? Are we going to see more single dads who want offspring, but just don’t want to shackle themselves to one woman? Or is this really a Ronaldo-specific thing?


He has a girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, but the kids are pretty much his department. There’s a paternal instinct that’s totally separate from the woman he’s with and that’s just a bit different.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net Worth is $1 billion+


Ronaldo is rich beyond your wildest dreams. His lifetime Nike deal is said to be worth more than $1 billion, he has a chain of hotels and Forbes estimates his annual earnings are $97 million.


That sounds conservative to us.


Whatever his actual worth, he could literally sell tickets to women all around the world and run a lottery for the chance to have his baby. He would probably have 10 times more money by the end of the sale.


Here is a man who can have literally any woman he wants. He’s a professional athlete, about as Alpha as it gets and he earns enough in his sleep to pay for a hundred kids.


So, on paper, he’s pretty much the perfect marriage proposition for any woman.


Cristiano Ronaldo Gay Rumors Surfaced Last Year


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That might be the problem. But first, there’s a more obvious solution. Occam’s Razor says that the simplest answer is normally the right one and rumors did surface last year that Cristiano Ronaldo was gay and was in a relationship with a Moroccan kickboxer.


But What About The Models?


So really, yes, it could be that simple, but then Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveira has been linked with a string of models and has gone to bizarre lengths to avoid being recognized on dates.


He donned a curly wig and sunglasses to go and meet Georgina Rodriguez and he was supposedly with Irina Shayk for some time.


If he wanted to give a fake impression of a happy heterosexual man then he could have moved in any old beard off Spanish TV, or a wannabe pop star, and done the whole happy family act with a normal pregnancy.


Model Rodriguez is his current girlfriend and would be a perfect fit.


To his credit, Ronaldo has kept his private life out of the papers to a large extent. Clearly something is ‘different’, but he has never publicly commented and the press have largely left this one alone.


So maybe it’s something else.




Ronaldo’s Perfect Life Could Be A Problem


Every man in the world, more or less, would swap places with Ronaldo. He’s an icon, he’s stupid rich, kids worship him and he’s won more or less everything there is to win with Manchester United and Real Madrid. Simply put, he’s a legend of the game.

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He is also a model for major brands and one of the most instantly recognizable people on the planet.


That comes at a cost.


If Ronaldo really does enjoy the company of ladies, then how the Hell could he sift out the gold-diggers and settle on one life partner? They all want him and he has to make that dizzying choice. Maybe he just decided not to get seriously involved with a woman, but the kids are an entirely separate thing for him.


Has Cristiano Ronaldo Gone MGTOW?


Cristiano Ronaldo would be one of the most extreme cases of MGTOW we could ever imagine. But when you think about it, it makes logical sense.


Ronaldo is in the top 1% of the 1% in terms of the kind of man a woman would want. Maybe there’s just too much choice and a few hidden pitfalls.


If a builder looked like that he’d have women throwing themselves at him and he’d know it was pure animal lust.


The world’s best footballer has money, power and fame, though, which are powerful aphrodisiacs for gold-diggers and attention whores alike. He’s got used to swatting them off like particularly irritating flies over the years and that could really color your views on the female gender as a whole.


He’s super rich. He doesn’t need to put up with the crap that goes with a relationship and if he wants to pay a girl to carry his child or lick his ring, he can… He can also change his girlfriend every few months, without any serious financial penalties beyond a payoff to keep her quiet.

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So, for him at least, all the standard rules of engagement go out the window.


Other Celebs Used Surrogates


Basically, someone with that kind of money and global profile can do anything they fucking well want. Michael Jackson used a surrogate mother, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt amassed quite a collection of other people’s kids and Madonna has done the same. Then there are the likes of Neil Patrick Harris and  his two-dad family.


It might be simply solid business to avoid massive child support payments if a relationship goes sour. It could be that the people involved are massive control freaks and simply can’t co-parent.It could be all kinds of shit.


The simple fact is that Cristiano Ronaldo has three kids and there’s no mother in sight. The single dad is a new style of parenting and a modern phenomenon. I guess we’ll see how it turns out.


What do you think? Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s surrogate mother situation weird? Is it the way forward? Is this the face of the modern family? Is it the ultimate in red pill parenting?


Let us know in the comments below



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