DJI Mavic Pro Review: The Best Drone In The World

DJI Mavic Pro Review

Price: $978.99

Get the best price for a DJI Mavic Pro

We’ll cut to the chase. The DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone in the world right now.


So, if you like taking pictures and making a drone movie from the air, and a lot of people do, then look no further. This is the drone camera you need to buy.


This folding quadcopter drone is the best value drone on the market, it’s the highest quality drone you’ll get anywhere near this price range and there really is no DJI Mavic Pro alternative that comes close.


Cheapest DJI Mavic Pro online at Amazon


This tiny drone gives the kind of high quality footage that would have taken a helicopter and a serious video camera not so long ago. It’s crazy how far and how fast technology has come.


Just look for yourself. The footage is just insane high quality.


DJI Mavic Pro Review Sample Drone Movie – New York at Night in 4K


DJI Mavic Pro Sample Drone Footage 4K – Various Locations


So what makes this the best drone in the world? Before you buy yours online, get the full DJI Mavic Pro review here.


Get the best price for a DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Review: Design


The DJI Mavic Pro is the Apple of the drone world when it comes to design.


It really is a beautiful thing.


It’s small, really small, thanks to the clever folding design.


DJI Mavic Pro Review - Is the DJI Mavic Pro the best drone in the world?


This drone is so portable that it can slot into your pocket and the folding design means most of the delicate parts are protected when you fold it away.

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It folds out in seconds and you’re good to go.

Get the best price for a DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Review Sample Footage- Sydney, Australia in 4K


DJI Mavic Pro Review Sample Footage – Iceland in 4K

Get the best price for a DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Review: Camera


This is the business end of the drone and it’s a beast. But, long term, it could also prove to be the drone’s Achilles Heel.


You get a 12mp camera that records in 4K and it comes with a 2x zoom. So, basically it’s as sharp as anything you could reasonably get into the air for anything like similar money right now.


Right now is the crux of what I’m about to say.


If you buy an old car that had integrated SatNav, you know what a useless POS it looks like a few years down the line.


All the updates in the world can’t hide the fact that progress has overtaken it. Which means in a few years this camera is going to be redundant.


When it is, so is the drone…


It’s the nature of the beast that you probably have to accept updating your equipment every few years anyway. Just like photography enthusiasts know they’ll need, or more precisely want, a new camera body.


The autonomous tech will improve and the next generation drones will offer far more than just a higher resolution camera.

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But if you want to stick with the same drone, then you might want to buy one that carries a GoPro, or cheaper equivalent.


So you can just upgrade the camera when we get to the next generation of Hi Definition.


DJI Mavic Pro - World's best drone


DJI Mavic Pro Review: Control


The DJI Mavic Pro is autonomous to an extent. It comes with sensors underneath and at the front, which work in harmony with the camera to recognize and avoid obstacles.


It can land on its own and it gets two GPS systems so it shouldn’t get lost.


It’s user friendly and is designed with accessibility in mind. It can also manage a smooth hover, so you don’t need to steady it.


You can activate a number of different modes, including Trace function, which means the camera follows you as it were on a hugely expensive camera dolly.


It can follow you from the front, the rear or it can fly in a circle around you, your boat or your dog to create epic cinematic sequences.


The Profile function tracks you from the side and then there’s Spotlight, which means you control the drone but the camera stays locked on the subject. It’s clever stuff.


Gesture Control allows you to make hand signals to your drone, seriously, which will then send it into action.


There’s  even a ‘Return to Home’ function, where the DJI Mavic Pro will come and find you, land itself and do everything apart from jumping in your bag.

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You can strap your phone to a traditional remote that comes with shortcut buttons and dials to control the camera, exposure and other functions.


Get the best price for a DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Review: Speed


This drone will blast across the landscape at speeds of up to 40mph, which is seriously quick. It can also travel vertically at 11mph.


DJI Mavic Pro Review: Range


Your drone can, technically, go 4.3 miles away from you before it starts to lose the signal. But the regulations largely limit you to your line of sight, so if you can’t see your drone then you run the risk of losing your pilot’s license.


DJI Mavic Pro Review: Price


Yep, at $978.99 it’s an expensive bit of kit, especially if you opt for the full starter pack. But then, this drone is so far ahead of its time that it really doesn’t have any proper competition.


The smaller DJI Spark is there if you want to save money, just as they have the DJI Inspire drone line-up if you want to go balls to the wall.


So, you have to say the DJI Mavic Pro is good value for money, even at this price point.


If you want the best, you have to pay the price.





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