Drug Dealer Reports Cocaine Theft To Police

Drug dealing can be a lucrative ‘career’, but the smart ones learn to stay under the radar. David Blackmon clearly isn’t one of the smart ones.


That’s because when his stash of Cocaine got lifted from his car, 32-year-old Blackmon called the cops in Okaloosa County, Florida, to make a complaint.


What the flying fuck was he thinking?


The 32-year-old found that a stash of drugs and cash had been taken from his car and immediately knew what to do. He knew that the police are there to protect and serve, after all…


The really messed up thing? It was a quarter ounce of Cocaine and $50 in cash that was ‘missing’.


Drug Dealer calls police to find his Coke, yay they did

Credit: Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Department


‘Luckily’, The Cops Found The Coke


The really, really messed up thing? When the police turned up, they realized that the Cocaine was still in his car, exactly where he’d left it, along with a Crack pipe.


The really, really, really messed up thing? They had a taped confession, the 911 call, when Blackmon had already admitted to being a drug dealer.


The really, really, really, really messed up thing? Blackmon then resisted arrest and added another charge to the growing list of felonies that he brought entirely upon himself.

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Was He High On His Own Supply?


You could argue that Blackmon was all fucking kinds of stupid. You could also argue he was probably high on his own supply.


In both cases, you’d almost certainly be right.


Here’s the simple truth kids, if you’re going to go off the rails and start selling drugs then the police are no longer your friends.


The Police Don’t Like Drug Dealers


They’re out to get you. Believe it or not you’re considered a public enemy.


Blackmon, who goes by the name of David Lashawn on social media, said:


“Usually I don’t speak on fb about nothing but I got to say something the fb thing about me is not accurate the police wanna dirty my name don’t believe everything you see t hear cause that’s bull shit.


“Anybody that knows me know I’ll never do something like that never call on my self, never say something shitlike that and everything that found was not in my possession.


“I manned up to the coke cause it was mine never knew what was in that car I just threw my shot through the window and they pulled up so don’t believe the hype real talk putting me all on fb fr but I always make the headlines though y is that y’all tell me fwm fb.”

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You make the headlines, David, because you’re a world class fuckwit.



Lead picture credit: Facebook/David Lashawn




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