Drug Smuggling Pigeon Caught in Kuwait

Drug smugglers are always looking for new ways to keep one step ahead of the law and we have to doff our cap to the sheer invention behind this latest scheme. A homing pigeon has been found in Kuwait with 178 Ecstacy pills in a small bag on its back.

The authorities did track the bird that was travelling from nearby Iraq, so they must have known something was up. They actually caught the pigeon, near the main customs HQ in Kuwait, and uncovered its party going haul.

The pigeon probably couldn’t argue, even through a translator, that this was for personal use.

Will the pigeon face the firing squad?

Kuwait has a pretty hard line on drugs and, if it was a person, they’d potentially face a death sentence. But, well, it’s a pigeon.
You’d hope that common sense will prevail, but it doesn’t always. Ask the residents of Hartlepool, in England, who still haven’t quite shaken off the embarrassment of hanging a shipwrecked monkey in the 19th Century.

Could pigeons bring drugs for everyone?

Pigeons can fly up to 1100 miles at speeds of up to 50mph, so they’re actually pretty useful for flying under the radar, so to speak, and delivering illicit cargo.
The only problem is they are weak as shit and this 178-pill haul was pretty much all you could put on him. These animals just aren’t pack mules.
It’s an intriguing low tech development in the war on drugs, though, as the border authorities simply cannot track every pigeon that crosses the border.
So now we can look forward to lots of really small drugs consignments coming into the country on a wing and a prayer. We might also see people with bad teeth and a nervous disposition hopefully shooting down pigeons, just in case…



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