Dwarf Fight! Mini McGregor Vs Mayweather Is Real

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is the biggest fight of the century, there’s no doubt about that.


But now the Hustler Club is cashing in with the smallest fight of the century: two dwarfs taking each other on for the public’s entertainment.


The Hustler Club will stage a night of midget wrestling, building up to a main event that sees two tattooed midgets going to war in a very rough approximation of the mini Mayweather vs McGregor battle.


You could not make this shit up.



Mini Mayweather vs Pacquiao Was As Good As The Real Thing


Mini Mayweather is no stranger to the ring, he was previously involved in a Mini Mayweather vs Mini Pacquiao battle in 2015.



It was far from a classic, but then neither was the actual fight. Let’s hope this isn’t an omen.


Mini Mayweather won that bout, but we’re really not sure that makes him the favorite. In fact, we’re not sure there are any favorites here.


The whole thing feels a bit sordid, and typically Hustler.

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Mayweather vs McGregor Has Turned Into a Circus


Then again, the whole Mayweather vs McGregor build-up does have a circus sideshow feel to it.


We actually quite enjoyed the roadshow, even though we knew we shouldn’t.


McGregor owned Mayweather verbally, although that shouldn’t count for much when they step between the ropes and go head-to-head on August 26th in Las Vegas.


Has McGregor Got To Mayweather?


There’s a chance that McGregor has got in to the head of the greatest boxer of all time.


But if we were him, we’d have saved that trick of wearing the Golden State Warriors basketball shirt for the ring walk.


That would have been a classic move that really could have thrown Mayweather off his game and we think the Irishman might have missed a trick there.


He hasn’t missed many, though, to be fair to him. Is that going to be enough?


We’ll find out in a few weeks. But before then, two mini me fighters will go at it in a weird and unprofessional facsimile.



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