Faces of Meth: This Video Is Terrifying

Faces of Meth, don't do it kids


I think every rational person has pretty much concluded by now that Meth is a bad idea.


Meth will suck the life right out of you. It will suck all your money out the bank. It will also leave you sucking off a random stranger in a bus station bathroom for your next fix.


Everybody knows this, we all know this. But then, stuck in a Youtube rabbit hole, I found this video.


It’s creepy as fuck.



Watch Meth Destroy Normal People


It’s a typical Faces of Meth type video, but it’s the way the photos morph from relatively normal people into the absolute depths of despair.


When you see broken hookers by the side of the road, take a moment to consider that they were once normal people like you.


Some of them might even have had a life plan, which went out the window when they decided to see what all the fuss was about and give Meth a try.


Everybody Should Watch This


This should be shown in every school and every rural farming town. Everybody who thought Breaking Bad was cool, too, should be forced to watch this Tweakers’ parade to see the reality of this horrific drug.

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It’s a dance with the Devil and a quick Quora search flags up users that say it was the best experience in the world and they were scoring more before the first hit even subsided.


But it soon descends into a nightmarish existence that very few escape from. The two most common ways out of a Meth addiction are prison or death.


You will not beat the system, you are not a special snowflake who can handle it. So even if you’re at a low point in life and you want something to ease the pain, drink, smoke weed, fucking cut yourself if you have to, but don’t do this.


Alternatively, you could get a therapist, join the gym and use your pain to drive you forward.


That’s a better plan, when you think about it…



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