Get a PS4 Pro. It’s Worth It…

PS4Pro, why you need the new console

Get a PS4 Pro Now!


The PS4 Pro is upon us and if you’re into gaming, especially VR gaming, then you need one of these in your life.


Games like Gran Turismo Sport can make full use of the extra power and give you even better, richer graphics and a perfect, constant 60fps to suck you deeper into the VR experience.


With the Pro, you get to choose between Performance and High-Quality mode. So, you can have a flowing game or a supremely detailed track, on track rivals and more. You can play in 4K if you take the headset off and opt for the big screen.


Here are the differences between the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. They’re subtle, but they definitely make a difference.



With the VR, if you have a steering wheel, seat and pedal set, then it’s basically better than owning a sportscar these days.


Check out some of the upcoming games on VR, too. All of them will run smoother, and sexier, on a PS4 Pro.



These Are Just The Start


Technically, the Pro might just be an incremental improvement, but it does give these games the freedom to really sparkle. Soon the developers will find a way to push the limits of the new tech and Gran Turismo Sport is a pretty clear indication that the games are going to be amazing.


Expect much less motion sickness with the PS4 Pro as the constant frame rate gives your brain a better chance to adjust. You’ll also get much more immersive gaming as the programmers can really make the backdrops, cars, planes and people come to life.


Technical Advantages Of The PS4 Pro


The basic AMD Jaguar x86-64 8-core CPU architecture is the same, but Playstation has wound the clock speed by 30% to 2.1GHz from 1.6GHz. The GPU has more than double the power and it has been clocked as well.


The WiFi is better and you get a v4.0 Bluetooth service ad another 1GB of DDR3 RAM, which deals with the mundane work to leave the GDDR5 RAM to focus on the game.




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