A Great White Shark Attack Looks Like This…

I swim in the Caribbean Sea most weeks and the general consensus is that there are no big sharks where I live. And yet…


Every time I look down and see 20 meters of water beneath me, I ponder the possibility. Every time the sea is a little rough and visibility is down, I kind of expect to see that ominous dark shape appear.


It got me thinking, what would it actually look like to see a huge maneating shark closing in on you?


Well, a researcher has given us the answer after a Great White Shark came up and took an exploratory bite of his camera.


As it turns out, it’s surprisingly calm. It’s not a rabid explosion of pure violence.


A Great White Shark Attack, Close Up Video



An Exploratory Great White Shark Bite Can Kill You


Here’s the problem. Sharks are basically big balls of muscle wrapped around some teeth. So even a gentle nibble from a 15-foot shark is enough to remove your leg and end your life.


I don’t want to get all anti-shark. They are amazing creatures and I have seen enough footage of them peacefully sharing the ocean with surfers to know that they’re not out to get us.

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But, just sometimes, they decide we might be food after all.


When they do, we really don’t get a say in the matter.


How To Survive a Great White Shark Attack


Yes, there are things you CAN do to improve your odds. Stay calm, arm yourself if you can, get your back to the boat or a rock and get ready for the fight of your life.


That’s pretty much what you’ve got to work with.


But there are a few animals in this world that really have the final say and a Great White Shark is one of them.


How To Prevent A Shark Attack?


So, if I really thought there were sharks in the water where I swim every day, then I’d invest in a little protection.


Not a knife, they spit on your knife. They’ve got like a thousand of them in jagged rows.


No, I’d spend the money to buy a Shark Shield online, which creates an electromagnetic field that they really don’t like. 



You can get a it for a surfboard and for your scuba/snorkeling outings and in certain parts of the world, yes Florida I am looking at you, I don’t think I could go in the water without one.

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Is a Shark Shield a guarantee? Apparently not, if the shark really wants you then it will push through the discomfort.


But it’s a lot better than nothing and will protect you in almost every instance.


The US and Australian Navy divers all use them and any Abalone diver that wants to live normally has one.


And if it doesn’t work, it’s not like you’re going to be around to sue them.


A Budget Shark Shield Alternative


If you don’t want the full Shark Shield for your snorkeling trips, and it is a little cumbersome, you can buy a Sharkbanz wrist band


Essentially, it’s a powerful magnet in a wrist band, but it does create a magnetic field. If you’ve got that field, a shark is more likely to attack somebody else.


That’s the theory anyway.


It’s the same principle as staying a little bit shallower than everybody else and keeping at least one fat kid between you and the horizon.


Let’s be honest, that’s what we’re all thinking when we’re in the ocean.



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