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38 of the hottest Latin girls on Instagram

I’m on a voyage of discovery to find the world’s hottest girls, but I’m prepared to say right now that I am naturally prejudiced towards Latin women. In my experience they’re the best lovers, they’ve got the best values when you get a good one and Latin ass is the best ass in the world.


Don’t believe me? Just check out some of the hottest Latin girls on Instagram in 2017 and let me know what you think.


If you know a girl that you think belongs on this list then let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to add to this treasure trove of caramel loveliness.


We know that we don’t have them all, so if you know where we can find the hottest Latin women in the world then shout out in the comments. 


Just don’t shout out in their comments. There is nothing more pitiful than a man telling someone how much they want to bone them, sniff their hair or use their toilet waste for toothpaste.


So don’t become the ultimate male orbiter, just appreciate some hot women showing off for your entertainment and don’t fuel their egocentric, daddy-issue fuelled Instagram frenzy.


For now, here are some of the hottest Latin girls on Instagram in 2017.


1. Dolly Castro
Country: Nicaragua
Instagram Profile: @missdollycastro
Followers: 5.1 million


She’s converted 5.1 million Instagram followers into her own line of sportswear and a web-based fitness empire. She also looks ridiculous, just utterly ridiculous.


She’s the absolute epitome of Latin woman, with the solid hips, bubble but and cinched waist. She’s a compact 5’5” advert for Central American women and she might just be the perfect example.
We think she might just be the hottest Latin girl on Instagram right now.


2. Yovanna Ventura
Country: USA
Instagram profile: @YoVentura
Followers: 4.7 million


She might just be one of the hottest Latin women on the web right now. She’s 21, she’s got an army of followers and she’s busy turning that in to cold, hard cash.


She has banged Justin Bieber, made fortunes from modelling and is sitting pretty on one of the most lucrative Instagram accounts out there right now.



3. Arianny Celeste
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @ariannyceleste
Followers: 2.6 million


She is a UFC ring girl, the co-host of Overhaulin’ and she’s also an Instagram famous fitness model. You can see evidence of sponsored posts on her Instagram, which is turning into a potent business for the 31-year-old who was born as Penelope Lopez Marquez.


She has been a cover girl for Maxim and now she’s building her online empire alongside her UFC duties. She’s selling everything from T-shirts to personalized video messages through her website:


4. Erika Canella
Country: Brazil
Instagram Profile: @erikacanella
Followers: 226,000


This blonde Brazilian boasts the prestigious title of Miss Bumbum 2016. Even in a land of spectacular great ass, hers stands apart from the crowd.


Facially, she might struggle against some of the other names on this list, but there’s no denying the fact that she does have a nice ass.


5. Abella Anderson
Country: Cuba
Instagram profile: @ibellaanderson
Followers: 30,000


She only has 30,000 Instagram followers right now, but we think that might change when you take a look at her feed.


Also known as Latina Ruvi, Anderson started out as a webcam model and soon moved on to full-blown porn. Now Latin girls are famous for their sensuality and skills in the sack, so to be a porn star then you’ve got to be pretty good…


She became a brand ambassador for a New York lingerie firm, Eye Candy Sensation, and she’s on her way to internet fame and fortune.


She’s easily one of the hottest Latin girls on Instagram, we know this much.


6. Paula Fernandes
Country: Mexico
Instagram Profile: @paulafernandes
Followers: 2.2 million


Fernandes isn’t one of those Instagram models who gets attention with baby oil and extravagant poses. She’s one of Mexico’s most famous singers and her Instagram account follows her life on the road.


She is unbelievably good looking, but this is a respectable account that will make you feel uncomfortable when you jack off to it. You still will, but you’ll feel weird afterwards…


7. Winifer Fernandez
Country: Dominican Republic
Instagram Profile: @WiniferFernandez2
Followers: 175,000


Remember the woman that won the 2016 Olympics hands down? No, not the little gymnastics girl, the Dominican Republic’s volleyball star who got more TV coverage than any other athlete simply by lying on the floor with her legs apart and twitching her ass.


We’re going to be honest, we’re not even sure if this is an official account or a collection of pictures a keen fan has assembled. There are only 40 shots on there and there are a lot of fake accounts.


We don’t care, though, we’re very fond of this photostream of Winifer and we’re sure you will be too.


8. Lais Ribeiro
Country: Brazil
Instagram Profile: @Laisribeiro
Followers: 1 million


She’s a catwalk model and some of us prefer a little more meat on the bones, but there’s no denying that Ribeiro is something special. She’s 180m tall, she has worked with most of the major fashion houses and she’s a regular in Brazilian vogue.


On Instagram, she has 1 million followers already that watch her on assignment and MMA training in her spare time.


9. Carmen Ortega
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @carmenortega
Followers: 380,000


She might look like the perfect Latin vision of curvaceous loveliness, standing at 5’2” and weighing in at 115lbs, but she comes from Illinois.


She’s a model, singer and fashion designer who has been on the cover of a vast number of leading magazines. That has helped her get 380,000 thirsty men following her on Instagram.


Is she one of the hottest Latin women on Instagram? Let us know in the comments.


10. Gracie Carvalho
Country: Brazil
Instagram Profile: @Graciecarvalhoo
Followers: 270,000


This Victoria Secret model is also a Muay Thai kickboxing maestro who spends time in Thailand training in the old ways, in Jean Claude Van Damme speak.


She’s hot, she’s dangerous and she might just be the girl of your dreams. Or something. Just don’t get into a fight with her. You’ll lose.


She has 270,000 followers for her Instagram page that seems to give some sort of insight into her offbeat life.


11. Kathy
Country: Cuba
Instagram Profile: @kathyzworld
Followers: 4.9 million


Kathy knows what her fans want to see: her giant, overinflated ass in a variety of poses. It’s pretty simple stuff and there’s no rocket science or social outreach on these pages. Just a girl and her giant bubble butt.


12. Tatiana Duran
Country: Brazil
Instagram Profile: @ktatiana_duran
Followers: 10,500



She might not be the biggest name on Instagram, but Brazilian fitness model Tatiana Duran is busy building her empire and we reckon with looks like those then she’ll get there.


Duran lost a lot of weight herself and now looks a million dollars. She’s determined to pass that message on to other women, but men can ogle her along the way too.


13. Beatriz Fernandez
Country: Spain
Instagram Profile: @beatrizfernandezgar
Followers: 80,000



This Spanish model splits her time between the US and her homeland. She’s a model, who has been involved in some pretty weird projects from the look of this video:

With just 80,000 followers, she’s a niche fetish right now. But the Spanish model is gaining notoriety all the time and it might just be that you’re one of the first ones to hear about her.


14. Diosa Canales
Country: Venezuela
Instagram Profile: @_diosacanales
Followers: 27,000


This actress, singer and model was arrested for beating up her mother in law last year, but we’re not going to let that ruin a perfectly good illusion. She’s smoking hot and the chances of us actually meeting in real life are pretty slim, so we’re just going to assume she’s a perfect little angel…


She’s down to just over 27,000 followers now, at her peak she had 40,000. That could be a sign that this 30-year-old is hitting the wall, as well as her mother-in-law.


We still would, though…


15. Lisa Morales
Country: Cuba
Instagram Profile: @misslisamorales
Followers: 2.6 million


She has 2.6 million followers on Instagram and 5.2 million more on Facebook. She has become a TV presenter, model, philanthropist and more in her adopted home of Miami. She sells fitness courses, clothes and sponsored posts for her monumental social media following.


The only downer is that she’s engaged, so we hope she doesn’t tone down her Instagram feed to keep the new man happy.

16. Thassia Naves
Country: Brazil
Instagram Profile: @Thassianaves
Followers: 2.6 million


This Brazilian fashion blogger has built an entire brand out of her name. The Instagram account has been central to her business plan and she has 2.6 million people watching her travel round the world and try on clothes.


She is ridiculously hot, but the account isn’t the sexiest and she’s aiming at a sophisticated and fashion-buying crowd. It’s like arthouse Instagram, it’s just higher brow than the average sexy minx on Instagram.


It’s up to you whether that’s a good thing or not.


17. Zoe Saldana
Country: USA
Instagram profile: @Zoesaldana
Followers: 1.3 million


This model-turned actress was actually born in New Jersey, but there’s no denying her Latin roots.

She’s off the market now after marrying Marco Peregro and she’s just that little bit older now. She hasn’t smashed into the wall, though, she’s evolved into a thinking man’s fantasy woman.


Her 1.3 million Instagram followers don’t get full frontal shock value. Instead they get a more mature kind of sex symbol living the life and some inspirational quotes.


18. Michelle Lewin
Country: Venezuela
Instagram profile: @michelle_Lewin
Followers: 9.7 million


She’s more of a fitness model than a traditionally curvy Latina and Michelle Lewin is rocking a six-pack. In the right environment, though, her tougher curves work an absolute treat and we have to admit we’d like to have a go.


Michelle Lewin has turned Instagram fame into a business and now she has an app, a workout program and so much more.


She is currently closing in on 10 million followers on Instagram, too, which is seriously no mean feat. She’s come from poverty and turned this one platform into a business that pays out constantly, so fair play to her.


19. Jimena Sanchez
Country: Mexico
Instagram Profile: @JimenaSanchezMX
Followers: 2.2 million


This Mexican beauty hosts Fox Sports in her home country and now has 2.2 million people following her carefully presented Instagram feed. It shows her at work, relaxing with fast food and in a vast array of poses.


It doesn’t feel particularly authentic, but then this is Instagram as a business and she’s clearly working on good photography and maintaining her image of perfection for the salivating crowd.


20. Jennifer Lopez
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @JLo
Followers: 57.6 million


She’s getting on a bit now, but JLo still looks the part and she’s amassed 57.6 million Instagram followers over the years. That’s a lot.


She’s one of the most famous women in the world, a singer turned actress turned singer again who has reinvented herself too many times for it to be a fluke.


The girl of Puerto Rican descent did come up the hard way and she has slowly evolved into the classy chica you could take pretty much anywhere and steal the show. She is growing old, but she’s doing it so well.


Take a look at JLo’s Instagram account and you’ll know that yes, you would too…


21. Christina Milian
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @ChristinaMilian
Followers: 3.8 million


Singer songwriter Christina is 35 now, but she’s wearing well. Her life is a non-stop rollercoaster of private planes, yoga classes, presidential appointments and more, but she also looks smoking hot while she’s doing it.


Most women haven’t just hit the wall, they’ve fallen off the cliff at this age. So big props to Christina Milan for flying the flag for older women and still looking outrageously hot.


22. Stephanie Rao
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @_stephanierao
Followers: 901,000


Stephanie’s Instagram feed has an authentic feel and there are random shots, not just the carefully selected ones.


Rao is a brand ambassador, as well as a model, for companies in the Miami area. She’s blazing hot and it’s a decent feed that will entertain you in a few different ways.


23. Patricia de Leon
Country: Panama
Instagram profile: @patriciadeleonb
Followers: 114,000


She has more than 114,000 followers on Instagram and is one of the country’s best known actresses. She’s an older, more elegant woman, so she’s an acquired taste on this list. But she’s still a stunning woman and one of the hottest Latin women on Instagram.


24. Daisy Marie
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @1DaisyMarie
Followers: 214,000


LA-based cam model Daisy Marie is pretty much the opposite of the big screen glamor of some on this list. But she’s hot, she gives the Instagram crowd what they want and she is building a following.


Social media can be just as potent a sales tool in porn as it can be in fashion and Marie is mulking it for all its worth. She could go on to become a special kind of star. Or not, we have no idea.


25. Anllela Sagra
Country: Colombia
Instagram Profile: @anllela_sagra
Followers: 7.6 million


Anllela is another fitness model who spends as much time in the gym as she does in front of the camera, probably more.


She’s verging on too muscly for a lot of men, but she has clearly found a niche and she is promoting healthy living and workout programs to women while men who are into that thing get their rocks off too. It’s a win-win.


She’s an example of the diversity on offer in South America, too. The women of the country run the full spectrum, from Caucasian through to dark ebony. It’s a cultural hotpot of a country and some people believe it’s the home of the world’s most beautiful women.


There are certainly a few on this list.


26. Stephanie Del Valle
Country: Puerto Rico
Instagram Profile: @stephdvd
Followers: 29K



Despite winning Miss World in 2016, Puerto Rican model Stephanie Del Valle really hasn’t built up that much of a following. It’s partly because her Instagram feed is now a travel blog covering her humanitarian journey round the world.


Miss World has to keep things pretty clean. So she’s an awesome looking girl, but you won’t see her legs behind her head while she’s sucking a lollypop for a while.


She has only made 150 posts, too, so this one might be good for a quick look but then don’t expect her to surprise you with new material.


27. Jessica Burciaga
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @jessicaburciaga
Followers: 1.6 million


She was born in California and this 5’2” beach bum and animal lover has modelled for Stuff, Maxim Glamour and she was also a Playboy Playmate. She also served time in the mansion as a blackjack dealer in The Playboy Club.


She has started her own e-commerce shop now and inevitably she models most of the stuff herself. She also has a ready-made crowd of 1.6 million followers on Instagram to push her wares to.


28. Natalia Velez
Country: Ecuador
Instagram Profile: @nataliavelez
Followers: 154,000


Velez is best known for her starring role in GoDaddy adverts, as well as campaigns for Pepsi, Samsung, Coca Cola and Avon, but she has also amassed a serious Instagram following that could yet turn into her main source of income.


She’s also a qualified product designer and works on eco friendly products in her spare time. So she might actually be one of those rare balanced, secure Instagram models.


She splits her time between Miami in Florida and Medellin in Colombia these days and we’re suddenly making plans to get down to Medellin…


29. Maddy More Bucks
Country: Haiti
Instagram Profile: @maddymorebuckss
Followers: 320,000


Maddy has one of those oversized asses that isn’t right for the catwalk, but she is a great glamor model and she’s big on the club scene in Houston these days.


Check out her Instagram for oiled up twerking, bikini shots and other close up views of that thunderous ass. Haiti is one of those countries that is seriously under-rated when it comes to girls.


Some of them are outrageous and we see better ones than this internet celebrity every weekend in the Dominican Republic.


30. Ronda Rousey
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @rondarousey
Followers: 9.4 million


Rowdy Ronda Rousey might have been born in California, but she comes from Venezuelan stock and until recently she was one of the most famous and revered female athletes on the planet.


Now, after two brutal defeats, Ronda could just decide to leave the Octagon behind and focus on looking pretty, Hollywood offers and using what’s left of her name to market herself in the MMA afterlife.


An Instagram following of 9.4 million is a reflection of her fame and the basic building block of a simple business as an online influencer. Rousey is probably aiming higher, though.


31. Angelica Hernandez
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @angelitahera
Followers: 1.4 million


This heavily tattooed model is something a little different daring and edgy, but she gives us the horn nonetheless.


She’s clearly hard into fitness, as well as the party scene, and she’s embarked on a DJ career. She’s a mom of two, which does kill our erection slightly. But then she got her body back in a big way…


32. Rosa Acosta
Country: Dominican Republic
Instagram Profile: @rosaacosta
Followers: 1.3 million

Rosa is a full-on Latina with the chunky bubble butt and curves just about everywhere. She has relocated to LA and now shills for plastic surgeons and cosmetics companies on social media between modelling jobs.


She has a workout program and lists her eclectic qualifications as: ballet dancer, personal trainer, Elbow Lover, Nippologist, scar kisser and shower opera singer. Well she’s interesting, at least…


33. Lupe Fuentes
Country: Colombia
Instagram Profile: @lupefuentes
Followers: 64,500


This former porn star has reinvented herself as a DJ and Instagram model in the making. To be fair to her it sounds like she puts on a good set.


She grew up in Spain, before putting her considerable assets to work in amateur porn. That almost got someone in trouble for possessing indecent material, but her ID just about proved to nobody’s satisfaction that she was 19 at the time.


Now she has set up shop in North America and is working on her DJing career. It is definitely porn’s loss.


34. Sofia Vergara
Country: Colombia
Instagram Profile: @sofiavergara
Followers: 11.5 million


She’s 44 now and time waits for no woman. So Vergara isn’t quite the headline act she once was, but she’s still pretty damned hot for her age. That caveat keeps her out the top 10, we think, but older men would go for her in a heartbeat.


The star of Modern Family and Hot Pursuit is married and should be on the shelf, but we just can’t bring ourselves to pension her off just yet.


35. Maricris Rubio
Country: Peru
Instagram Profile: @MaricrisRubio
Followers: 214,000


This Peruvian model is another one that has recently become a mother, so we are left to mourn the loss of another red hot Instagram feed. Or we can celebrate the fact that she’s still spicing it up on occasion with lingerie and bikini shoots.


36. Eva Mendes
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @evamendes
Followers: 741,000



It’s hard to believe that one of the great Latina sex symbols is 42 years old already and it’s a hard slide from here. So just drink in the magnificence that is Eva Mendes, perhaps for the last time.


She was born in Miami to Cuban parents, she’s married to Ryan Gosling and she’s now officially a yummy mummy. So don’t expect lots of scantily clad material on her Instagram profile. She’s not that kind of girl anymore. But as a nostalgic look back on one of the greats, we’re happy to include Eva here.


37. Eva Longoria
Country: USA
Instagram Profile: @evalongoria
Followers: 3.4 million


The original hot Latin wife has more than 3.4 million Instagram followers and she still looks incredible. So even though she’s 41 years old, she’s still one of the Latin communities biggest stars.


Longoria has been voted the world’s most beautiful woman multiple times and her Instagram feed is still a joy to behold. So have a look and relax, Eva has still got it.


38. Paola Duque
Country: Colombia
Instagram Profile: @Paula_duque



We said if there was someone missing, let us know. Reader Brad did exactly that and now Paola Duque gets her moment in the very dubious sun!


On any quantifiable scale she deserves to be higher up this list and as soon as I get tie, she will be.


Right now, she’s just going to have to be happy to be here at all.


We’re sure she is.



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