Hulk vs Thor: Who Would Really Win?

Hulk vs Thor: Who would really win?



So Thor: Ragnarok, the next Avengers instalment, is just round the corner and the details are starting to slip out.


One of the big highlights, though, without a doubt, without eve clapping eyes on the film, is the showdown between Thor and Hulk in gladiatorial combat.


The two go hear-to-head in an arena fight for the entertainment of the bloodthirsty crowd.



Now Thor Lost His Hammer


Thor has lost his hammer, he’s imprisoned on the other side of the universe and he’s been forced to fight for other people’s entertainment.


It’s not exactly an awesome start for Chris Hemsworth’s character that has fast become one of the leading lights of the Avengers.


But then things get a whole lot worse as The Hulk bursts out of the opposite door in the Roman-style gladiatorial arena.


Thor Is Happy To See Hulk


For most of us, that would the sound of death coming our way, but Thor seems happy about it.


“We’re friends,” he says. “I know him from work!”


But Hulk seems to be in one of his moods, Thor doesn’t have his hammer and this is basically a fight to the death.


So, who would win really?


Hulk Has The Size Advantage


Well Hulk has the size advantage. He has only seemed to grow disproportionately once, when taking on one of the giant invaders that came through the wormhole in the 2012 film. So we’re not sure if this Hulk is going to get bigger, depending on his anger, or if that was a fluke.


The two went head-to-head in that film, too, and Hulk gave Thor a bit of a hiding. But the two have been locking heads since the start of the Marvel Universe and it’s really not that simple to pick a winner if you really get into their superpowers.


Thor is a God and Zeus has battered the Hulk on several occasions. Gods get special privileges, even if you’re the Hulk.


Both Could Rip Earth Apart


Basically both of them have the power to rip the planet apart. Hulk has picked up tectonic plates in his time and Thor consistently has to hold back against even the worst opponents as he can do more damage than they can.


Thor can also summon winds from 1000 planets. That’s 1000 hurricanes, storms, everything, all rolled into one powerful blast. That’s too much for this world, and probably even The Hulk.


Here’s the problem, the animation Hulk gets stronger every time you hit him. He effectively absorbs the energy used against him and turns it into his own strength.


This Fight Might Never End


So the ‘reality’ is that if these two went head to head until the end then the world would probably tear apart before they do.


I guess there will be a way out for the filmmakers and Hulk and Thor will find themselves on the same side before too long. Because this really is the immovable object meeting the irresistible force and there’s no real way to know how it would pan out.



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