Instagram Babe Of The Week: Vicki Li

A blonde Asian is pretty much the bedroom fantasy of half the world’s male population.


Vicki Li has got you covered.



The Chinese model has relocated to Houston, Texas, for some reason.But there are lots of hot Asian girls in the US and if you want to meet one then you could do a lot worse than starting here:


Is Houston the epicenter of the global modelling industry? No, but this girl moved there to do a full time degree in Petroleum Engineering. So, she’s the thinking man’s wank fantasy…


Instagram Babe Of The Week: Is Vicki Li Crazy?


Sadly, she should probably stay as a two-dimensional Instagram fantasy. That’s because, by her own admission, she’s already a crazy cat lady.


“I’m a crazy cat lady, but I love all animals,” she said. But it’s there, in black and white, crazy cat lady.


That is a serious red flag you’re on a date with a crazy bitch. Do you want some more?


Go here: 11 Red Flags: Are You Dating A Crazy Bitch?


Loving animals is one thing, picking out cats is not good, though.


So Vicki Li has already reduced herself to pump and dump status. Obviously.


How To Get Sex With A Hot Instagram Model


But let’s say you get that chance, you see her in a bar and you want to know how to get into her pants. Well apparently a shot, or preferably a bottle  of Hennessey Privilege will get her loosened up.


And, if you ever get round to that third or fourth date, which is the earliest you should ever consider buying dinner, then she’s not into high end food. She likes Crawfish and BBQ.


We’re Starting To Like The Sexiest Asian On Instagram


Actually, we’re kinda warming to her now…


So anyway, she’s one of the hottest Asians on Instagram, if not the sexiest Chinese girl we now of. She’s racked up more than 1.3 million fans, which makes our own count look a bit weak.


Maybe we should be Asian, and blonde, with big tits. But then this would be an entirely different kind of site.
Meet a hot Asian girl today, well maybe tomorrow, by going here:





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