Instagram Babe of the Week: Lira Galore

Houston born Tylira Mercer is one of a new wave of Instagram models whose proportions don’t quite fit the traditional, Vogue-style vision of beauty. But if you like curves, as 3.5 million other people seem to, then you’ll love her.



She’s only posted 726 times, so that follower count is ridiculous. But then she does have those big hips, the bubble butt and the cleavage that some of us just love.


Sexy girls on Instagram are one of the best sources for this ‘non traditional beauty’ and some of the hottest girls on Instagram are the antithesis of traditional values. I’m cool with that.


I’m in the Caribbean because it’s overflowing with girls like this and I feel a pang of sympathy for those that just don’t get it.


From stripper to Instagram model


Mercer worked as a stripper in her native Houston, but also graduated with honors before starring in music videos with the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar.


She became a regular feature in magazines like BlackMen, but the Instagram thing was just taking off and she was tailor-made for it. She’s based in Hollywood now and modelling for top brands as well as keeping up the good work with the editorial shoots and more.

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She doesn’t even like the tag ‘Instagram model’. “Modeling is modeling. I think it’s stupid to try and separate ourselves because we might use Instagram exclusively,” she told The Fader. “Instagram is the avenue we have. Other models use it to promote themselves and their brands — why can’t we?”


Why not indeed? There’s no judgement here, we like Instagram models and we know that it’s an easy way for girls to turn themselves into household names. 3.5 million followers is serious cache for a brand, too, and she should probably be making more than she is.


Eye candy for the connoisseur


All of those 726 posts are serious eye candy for the connoisseur, though. So she’s the polar opposite of our first Instagram Babe of the Week, but we’re going for diversity because we like different kinds of women and we know you do too.


So enjoy this week’s sexy Instagram babe of the week, Lira Galore, and sign up if you want to see what we’ve got in store for you next time!


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