Instant Confidence: Smile Technique

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One of the simplest ways to boost your confidence is to force a smile. Really, it works.


We’ve covered this before, in a way. The point is that if you can trick your body into giving off positive signs, those happy vibes that you naturally put out when you’re feeling good, then you’ll start to feel that way for real.


Basically, the feelgood signals that your body sends to your brain, are a two-way street. The way your hold your face and body isn’t just a releflection of your feelings, it can also change them. Your body language is an input, as well as an output.


So if you really embrace feeling good, then it will happen.


Happiness is a state. It is a feeling and that means you can trigger it, when you want. How to be happy is such a broad question it’s like looking at a big wall. But techniques like this give you the blocks, the individual parts, to build your happiness up.


When you know how to control your happiness like a thermostat, nothing can really phase you. At that point, you’re unfuckwithable.


And it’s easy. It’s common knowledge. It’s just common knowledge you didn’t have, until now.


That’s why you can go through a series of power poses and suddenly feel energized. It’s also why you can force yourself to smile, and you’ll get the Endorphin rush that goes with that.


Weird huh? But it’s true.


Dr Paul Eckman discovered this effect, all the way back in 1990. It’s legit science.


A new study by the University of Kansas has confirmed the basic research and gone more in-depth on the the particular kind of smile.


So how do you do smile therapy?


I wish I could make this more complicated and interesting, but the simple truth is that you bite a pencil and fake a big old smile.


When you’re sat on the laptop, or watching TV, just slot a pencil between your teeth, bend your face into a smile and then get on with your work or your favorite series.


That’s all you need to do to make a serious step on changing your mood, permanently.


This simple act, which will take you no time and effort at all, will slowly alter your mood.


Now I think this is just one of the building blocks to drag you out of a rut, but it’s a zero effort way to get started. You could literally have started this already and be feeling better, right now.


Try Smile Therapy Followed By Hypnosis


Add hypnosis to this, or get started in the gym, and you’ll have the basis of a system. You’ll have things you’re doing every single day that will slowly lift your mood.


This is real simple stuff that won’t cost you anything. There is no obstacle, the only thing stopping you doing this stuff is you.


So if you’re feeling stupid when you try this stuff, what are you afraid of? You’re doing it alone. Nobody else knows anything.


If you’re scoffing and laughing, convinced it won’t work, then you’re afraid.


You’re worried stuff like this might be so simple that it actually works. You’re worried that you’ve been playing the mental game wrong your whole life.


Don’t worry, I did too.


Simple Techniques Can Change Your Mood


It took me to almost 40 years of age to discover these techniques, from some of the greatest minds in psychology, and when I really started looking it was just easy.


I have put together a long list of instant confidence techniques and there will be lots more.


They won’t change your life on their own, but link this stuff together, find the five or six techniques that really work for you, and do them every single day.


Build them into a routine and you’ll find it’s like a mental gym, you’ll slowly start to improve. You won’t wake up and your whole world has changed overnight, that’s not the way it works. Instead you’lll notice a gradual change in your demeanor.


Others will notice it too. So start with these. See which ones work, and then stick with them. Try them for three months, 15 minutes at a time, and see what difference they make.


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Try all these. Turn them into a routine and prepare to be amazed.









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