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Iron Man is real now

Iron Man is real thanks to Richard Browning's jetpack suit


A British inventor has teamed up with Red Bull to create a real life Iron Man suit that could make him the baddest man on the planet, or burn him to a crisp. We’re not entirely sure how this one will play out.


Richard Browning took more than a year to create the Daedalus Flight Suit. It’s equipped with a series of small turbine jet engines that are strapped to his arms and ass.


The worrying part about all of this is that jet engines need fuel and that is stored in fuel bladders strapped directly to his body.  Fire is a natural consequence of a turbine engine, it happens and you can even see it in the video. So, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with flames spitting next to a big backpack of fuel, but maybe I’m precious.



The suit comes with a Heads-Up Display that will keep Browning informed of what’s going on with the engines and should make sure he doesn’t run out of fuel hundreds of feet in the air. It comes with full WiFi, too, so that he can beam the images and record the video of himself in full flight.


This is also a serious work in progress. We can’t really call this Iron Man in action, because really Richard really just looks like he’s jumping on the moon. But it’s going to get better and the plan is to take to the skies in this home-brewed superhero suit before too long.


In the end, Browning thinks this could be a viable option for transport. We kinda doubt it, but it’s still pretty cool in its own way.

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“I wanted to see how far we could go by augmenting the human body and how close we could get to powered flight,” he said. “This project is all about combining the human body, the human mind and the best technology.”


We love the way that Browning is pushing the limits and we have to doff our cap to him. It could end badly, but we really can’t wait to see him soaring through the skies.


It reminds us of the 1000bhp, jet-powered hoverboard we covered not too long ago and we think this suit might turn out to be even cooler in the end. 



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