Kim Kardashian’s Big Fat Ass and What it Means

Well the papers are full of Kim Kardashian, quite literally, as middle-aged spread hits home and that once famous ass is starting to sag, pit and rot like a month-old peach. So should we men really give a shit? Strangely, I think we should.


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Kim Kardashian’s big ass adventure


Personally, I don’t care about this vapid, fame-hungry cow. I get curves, I like curves. But she has this vacant expression that suggests the power company cut the lights off long ago and there’s a feeble candle keeping things moving back there.


Kim Kardashian has the ass that broke the internet, not a chair


But the truth is that this is the ass that was used to, ummm, break the internet. Sure, she’s gone on to marry the equally annoying Kanye West and become a reality TV star, but it’s all built on the solid foundation of that gigantic Kardashian ass.


Millions of dollars have been earned by it and girls around the world have tried to copy her look and probably driven themselves crazy in the process. She did finally confess to having injections, rather than full on surgery, to achieve the look in the first place. But there are sceptics out there.Men have probably gone looking for the perfect ass using that as the model. And the weird thing is that it’s a giant, fat lie.

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Now it must have been there, in some form, once. She’s 36 years old now, she’s had a kid and that does messed up things to a woman’s body. But they’ve managed to keep going through the magic of Photoshop and that has led a lot of people up the garden path.


Don’t get sucked in chasing perfection


It’s an unattainable, filtered vision of Instagram perfection and it just isn’t real. It’s the same search for perfection that drives men to use steroids in order to look like big screen heroes that just ‘bulked up’ for a role with an amazing workout routine. Yup, right…


It’s totally unhealthy, it can become an obsession and it’s something we should really strive to understand. We’re punishing ourselves for failing to live up to unrealistic standards and rewarding those that supposedly set the benchmark beyond reason while it’s all just a giant smoke and mirrors act.


So take Kim Kardashian’s giant ass as a peek through the looking glass. This is what the celebrity world is really like, it isn’t real.


Work out, by all means, but don’t kill yourself to look like the A-List. Live a balanced life, eat well, hit the gym, do a martial art if you can and apply some critical thinking the next time you see an airbrushed vision of perfection on Instagram.

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