Liberal Politics IS Narcissistic Abuse

Liberalism is Narc Abuse


The Left wing liberal agenda is horrible, anti-justice and it seems to be winning.


We live in an age where the vocal minority, the losers, can try to stir up enough shit and throw it at people until they get their own way. We live in an age where a man can be disgraced and cast out on an accusation and things are getting worse.


The weird thing? I have seen all this before.


A world full of Liberals is a world full of Narcissists and the relationship is just as toxic and just as abusive. It’s emotional bullying, emotional reasoning and a full Cluster B personality disorder in cultural form.


That’s what the whole thing boils down to. Liberal politics is narcissistic abuse.


I went through that at the hands of a real unpleasant BPD ex-girlfriend, who literally tried to suck the life out of me. This site was actually founded on my journey back from that time. So I know this stuff.


If you’re new to it, or you know it well, have a read of these:


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This subtle, pervasive and slow mental torture is what I can see right now. The manipulation, the lies, the fear, obligation and guilt.


The Liberal playbook is literally abuse.


When you see it, you can never unsee it. The parallels are just too obvious.


Man on a hamster wheel, changing something and get off


1. You can never do enough.


The basics of some Liberal complaints really weren’t that bad. Equality for women, minorities, it’s all good.


But they got these things, years ago.


It’s illegal to discriminate, people don’t discriminate, but we never saw the next move coming.


If people simply claim they are still being victimized, how do you dispute that?


If they cling to skewed and patently false gender wage gap, if they simply invent a rape culture, they can keep pushing your boundaries back and winning more concessions.


This is gaslighting on an industrial scale.


It’s a classic NPD tactic, hitting you while crying out in pain and denying the absolute truth in front of the victim’s face.


Covering abuse by claiming to be the poor downtrodden soul who will do anything for anybody is actually a hallmark of a narcissistic abuser.


Sadly, it is one of the tenets of Liberal politics, taking away freedoms in the name of the greater good while consistently claiming to be marginalized and abused. Because how can the poor little victim be the bad guy?



2. The rules keep changing


Just when you think you’ve got this. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on modern society, the rules change completely.


Now you can’t just be nice to everybody, you have to give special treatment to certain groups because muh intersectionality.


It’s no longer enough to treat black people as equals and judge them by their character, not the color of their skin. Because muh institutional racism means we somehow need to account for unseen, internalized oppression.


Now it’s no longer enough to be polite to everybody, we have to find that fat woman and tell her she’s beautiful and healthy. Soon we’ll even have to date the landwhale if that’s what she wants,. Because muh fat acceptance.


Give them all of this and there will be another set of rules along shortly. Because the point is that you’re not meant to be comfortable.


The point is that you should be walking on eggshells. You should feel off balance, and unsure, and neutered. That’s the whole idea of the game.


A narcissist does it to their partner so they can control them. Yes, that’s why Liberals do it too.  




3. I judge you, don’t judge me….


One of the biggest headfucks of narcissistic abuse is that you feel judged, all the fucking time.


A narcissist will compare you to previous partners, future partners, that ‘just a friend’, and you’ll be expected to take the shame they dump on your head whenever they choose.


But don’t you dare judge them. Not even for a second.


Liberals are some of the most sanctimonious pricks I have ever met, but they do it behind a veil of ‘goodness’.


Everything they want is for the greater good, but actually it really boils down to them dictating how other people live their lives. They want to be able to thought police people, to hurt them, or plain remove people they don’t like from office (Donald Trump anybody?).


They are smarter, and it’s for the stupid peoples’ own good.


You know who else will say these exact same words? Yup, an NPD…


And when you turn it around on them and highlight their behavior, their politicians’ theft and the sheer hypocrisy of the left, what do you get?


You can’t judge me…


In fact, it was a pre-emptive strike. Liberals went after shame first and it was a clever move, but it is also a dead giveaway of abuse.


Fat Acceptance, and slut shaming, transphobia and even mansplaining were leaked into the vernacular before the huge push that was feminism and the latest left wing assault. 


Anti-shame was pushed into the narrative before the hammer blow, the total shaming of every white man on the planet.  Go into any Liberal conversation on Twitter and Reddit and they don’t even hide it, white male is an insult these days. But before that…


It tried to cut off the defense, in advance, and it was a military-style manoeuvre.


It was setting up the abuse.   



Child crying, just like a Libtard

4. Outrage is just a tool


Narcissists learn the power of outrage early on. If they are angry and offended, there must be a reason.


At that point a reasonably empathetic person will do their best to fix the situation.


It’s how narcissists really get under your skin. It’s how they get the hooks in and pull you out of shape. They get you running round trying to put out fires you didn’t start, and fix problems you didn’t create.


They can be pure evil, then when you call them on it they can invent something you did to make them angry and all the blame is back on you.


Liberals have mastered outrage as an effective tool. While true conservatives, and people that have not succumbed to a hive mind mentality, laugh at their bullshit, the middle ground looks to soothe their cries.


If they’re offended, there must be a reason. Right?


This is the way that Liberal politics gains ground, with crying, subterfuge and fake victimhood. Just like a narcissist.


On an individual level, this has become the norm. Every minority gets to scream racism, or misogyny, or even sexual assault, if others don’t bow down to them.


Don’t believe me? Watch the epic takedown video below It will make you cry laughing, but then the sheer madness of this woman, and her beliefs, will hit home.


In fact, there was a follow-up. Both videos scored millions of views and we hope we can give the guy a few more. It’s just epic.

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On a wider level, we have seen what outrage can do.


#metoo and #timesup weren’t the desperate cries of women that have had enough, they were concerted efforts in a gender war. They were planned moves.


You see feminism has ‘empowered’ women to act like men, but men adapted. We have seen the change, figured out how to use it and simply stopped marrying girls.


I even wrote all about it here in this piece thanking toxic feminists for bringing marriage crashing down and girls for giving us the milk for free. So we never had to buy the cow…


This is the next salvo, criminalising basic sexual encounters that women told us they wanted. It makes the casual hook-up too dangerous and that could bring men back into line in terms of relationships and maybe back on the plantation in terms of marriage.


Get married, though, and you are truly fucked. You have a 50% chance of divorce, you can lose half of everything and marriage is basically the shittiest business deal you can ever entertain. 


So basically modern men are in a double-bind. Stick with hookup culture and risk getting #metood, or arrested, or get sucked towards the most terrible deal in the modern world.


It’s nonsensical, until you look at it in the framework of abuse. Then it fits perfectly. It’s like a partner has worked out a specific tactic, and now the narcissist has to respond to keep them down. That’s what these latest liberal outcries really are.


Narcissists are famous for ‘heads I win, tails you lose’ type situations and it is absolutely a cornerstone of narcissistic abuse.


5. You’re not allowed a defense


When a narcissist really goes on the attack, they have chipped away at your footing so much that you’ve already lost. Remember the recent narrative: “Just believe women.”


It was part of #metoo and #timesup. It also asked us to forget basic principles of justice and cast men out on feelings and memories.


It didn’t quite blow up like they wanted, but it came close. Men were forced out of jobs on the word of a woman and others have faced trial by media.


We’ll never know all the stories, but while Harvey Weinstein abused his power, some of the others seemed pretty mild.


Louis CK was weird, but nothing insane, while a girl tried to ruin Aziz Ansari for failing to read her ‘clear non verbal signals’ when she was naked and sucking his dick.


This is batshit nuts and for a while it looked like there would be no defense.


It looked like any old accusers could come out the woodwork and change an election or a company management structure with a vague accusation.


Celebrities could be destroyed, politicians’ chances of election could be dashed against the rocks and the power it offered was basically limitless.


It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? If you take yourself out of that fog of women being wonderful and never, ever telling a lie, then this is total corruption, on tap.


The people have started to fight back against this one, thankfully. Due process is starting to come into the equation, but the accusation itself still carries deadly weight.


6. A sense of entitlement


Yeah, this is becoming part of the human condition. But this sense of entitlement is getting frightening.


Narcissists just cannot see beyond their own wants and needs. That’s all that’s important and anybody who doesn’t agree with them is an idiot.


Liberals are the same.


From Communism through to just believe women to gun control to calls to impeach Trump, it’s a total sense of entitlement to impact on other people’s lives and subvert the democratic process.


If you don’t agree, you’re just not smart enough to understand the problem. Let a Liberal explain…


It’s fucking bullshit, is what it is.


Is your girl BPD, NPD, histrionic or just plain crazy?

7. Crazymaking


A Narcissist wants you off balance. They want you fixing problems you didn’t create.


They want you to feel guilty for things you didn’t do, because that makes it easier to gain ground.


They can force you to do things to ‘make up’ for things you didn’t do wrong in the first place.


It’s a classic NPD and BPD tactic.


Now the Left has adopted this as one of the main tenets of their campaign. White guilt, institutional racism, the gender pay gap, rape culture.


It’s all a total fabrication based on bad science and cherry-picked statistics. Most of these points have been debunked by serious economists and political observers. Other points have no possible way to measure them, such as internalised oppression, which is perfect if you are lying…


They also squash and dismiss stats that clearly contradict their argument, attacking the source. Yeah, an NPD does exactly that.


Black people can’t be racist because of institutional power. Sweden’s rape statistics soaring with immigration numbers is nothing to be alarmed about and we just need to be more inclusive when people break into our homes and kill us. That is the answer. Not facing the obvious…


Attacking and smearing people that refuse to tow the party line is the hallmark of an abuser. 


But if you keep repeating the same lies then they take on a kernel of credibility and they get the general population thinking their must be something to this. They grudgingly give support, then they read more lies and slowly get indoctrinated.


It’s Narcissistic brainwashing for a political agenda.


8. Isolation


If you’re in an abusive relationship and your friends start to get concerned, a true NPD or BPD will make it their life’s mission to isolate you and get rid of those friends.


Now, the biggest problem for Liberals is white males. We simply won’t take this shit and that’s why intersectionality was a pre-emptive strike. It’s a whole movement based around reducing the opinion of white men.


Looked at objectively, intersectionality is fucking disgusting. It’s pure racism and sexism, dressed up as a cause.


It’s got to the point that liberals are so brazen, so convinced of themselves, that they can use ‘white male’ as an insult. 


This serves two purposes.


  1. It silences the dissenting voices and turns white men into sheep who are looking for a leader.
  2. The mental gymnastics required to make this work creates something called Cognitive Dissonance.


We’ll get to cognitive dissonance in a moment, but silencing the voices was the first goal. In the great intersectional game, we’ve decided that white men aren’t allowed a say. Well, they are, but it doesn’t mean as much as a black woman’s.


A black transexual illegal immigrant midget with one leg? Their opinion matters more than everybody else’s.


The Oppression Olympics is freely discussed and it goes against every basic human right, that we’re created equal and we should be judged on our character rather than the color of our skin or our gender.


The very people that claim to be looking out for the little guy have perverted the entire concept of human value, and literally tell white men they matter less than a black transexual.


Kids on Gender Studies courses feel confident they can socially engineer the whole world and we should just trust them, they got this…


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Trying to make sense of this has turned a rational population into a confused mess.


It has literally sent us crazy on a level we’ve never seen before.


America has a massive mental health crisis right now. Could this bullshit be one of the reasons why?


9. Cognitive Dissonance


Cognitive dissonance is a vicious tool that is beautifully described in George Orwell’s 1984 and it’s an essential part of actual torture.


In 1984, faced with constant torture,  Winston  finally folds and accepts the party line. There are five fingers, not the four that they are holding up.


During torture, it’s simply an effective tactic to get your subject confused and turned around. Waterboarding is a prime example. They know they’re not drowning, but it feels like they are. It’s dark, it’s constant and it keeps happening until their spirit breaks.


Intersectionality and liberal politics are such a totally confused mess that they create cognitive dissonance.


It’s human nature. If we don’t understand something but everyone else seems to get it, we assume it must be right, we go along with it and try to rationalize it along the way. Soon, we’re just accepting certain, completely false, assertions as fact and then building from there.


In it’s most extreme form, it’s total brainwashing as you basically shut yourself off from the abuse and let it wash over you. Your version of reality just doesn’t tally with the real world and at that point you’ve pretty much gone mad. You know you’re being abused, but you love the abuser and can’t imagine life without them. This is the essence of a broken soul.


It’s holding two conflicting set of beliefs in your head at the same time. That’s too much for most of us to handle.


It’s all part of the crazy making dance, but cognitive dissonance deserves its own place in this massive diatribe.  


Narcissists do it, too, and cult leaders.


One of the narcissist and borderline’s great joys is to get their victim to renounce their long-held beliefs, change their opinions, religion or basic morality, or abandon one of their passions in life, just to know they have total control.


They do that through shaking your faith in your own reality, and accepting theirs as the one true path.


How does that relate to the modern world.


The third gender, anybody?


Literally standing in front of us and saying this man is a woman…


It has to be a 1984-style shit test.


I don’t care, at all, if a man wants to do their thing and become something approaching a woman. Good luck to them.


But this debate has had too much airtime. It’s too big an issue. That means it’s not the issue at all.


I don’t know how many boys want to be girls in this world, but the percentage isn’t that high.


It’s on TV every fucking day.


It’s wide scale conditioning, a chance for people to virtue signal and pretty much American society’s 1984 moment. So, are you broken Winston?


How many fingers? How many genders?


Conflicting beliefs have become a part of the Libtard agenda and it happens so often that #liberalhypocrisy is an established hashtag.


It’s not hypocrisy. It’s an abuse tactic.


Immigration spikes our crime rates, but immigration is good for us.

Women are strong and equal, so should be CEOs, but women are weak and victims and need protection.

Women can compete with men, if they’re given special benefits, mentorships and all kinds of benefits that men never got.


The hole agenda is littered with conflicting beliefs. That makes sense if they’re not really arguments at all. They’re just control mechanisms.


10. Walking on eggshells


Eventually, in every NPD relationship, the victim loses themselves. They just don’t know how to behave anymore, because nothing is right. They know they’re wrong, and they look to the NPD for guidance, because they just don’t know what to do.


It’s almost a case of: “Tell me how to make you happy.”


That is a broken bitch right there. Scared to put a foot down, in case it’s a foot wrong and they stand on another emotional landmine.


Witness the American people recently, who have now been told that basic, biological human behavior is wrong.


Men making the first move is sexual assault, they have to ask permission now and Trump’s ‘grab them by the pussy’ comments are proof and a confession.


That is batshit nuts, and underneath the veil of crazy then everybody knows this.


You can’t backdate these crazy new rules to the 90s, where a man who asked permission to kiss a girl would have got friendzoned so fast his head would spin.


This isn’t the way it worked, and we know this, but we’ve been told so often that this new way is right, and was always right, that a confused population has swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


Christmas parties got cancelled, companies scrambled to figure out what the hell to do when a woman could just scream sexual assault and send an innocent man to the financial gallows.


It turned into a fucking mess.


I guarantee you women lied for advancement, or could even have been paid by a rival company to fuck up their management. It was that easy to file a complaint. It kind of still is.


So people genuinely asked, what are the rules? The response?


Just get it.

Just don’t sexually assault women.


Ummm, we weren’t. We were making a move, as we have to. Go back one year, one fucking year, and pretty much every human being in the world agreed it was on the man to make the first move.


Now he still does, but scribbled above that rule, in red pen, is that he must seek consent first and it’s harassment if she doesn’t like you. Didn’t you see it? It was there all the time….


Men are literally asking in simpy tones how to be an ‘ally’, is it OK to attend women in tech events? Should we even be allowed to go and see Black Panther?


That is total confusion, and it’s not an accident. It’s by design.  


#metoo was a hammer blow and it was fucking smart.


It was a simple way to turn everybody upside down, to make them question whether they had been wrong their whole lives.


Women reported company CEOs contacting them to see if they had behaved inappropriately, even when nothing happened. Women wrote columns saying it was great that men felt this fear, because now they’d understand.


Sexual assault was broadened to the nice and vague sexual misconduct and what followed was a Night of the Long Knives as men were accused, often anonymously, and forced out of their jobs.


Weak, hesitant people will go along with whatever they’re told to believe in. Their confidence in their own judgement has eroded to the point that they’re entirely reactive. They’re nervous, they’re scared and this is a brainwashed victim.


11. Abusing while claiming victimhood


Richard Grannon, one of the world’s best when it comes to Narcissistic and Borderline abuse, describes this perfectly. An NPD or BPD will attack you and literally scream out in pain while they’re hitting you. They can assault the living fuck out of you, but bruise their fist with your face and they’ll call the ops for domestic violence, or guilt trip you for it.


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Liberals have been attacking the President, attacking anybody with a view counter to their own, and then screaming out in pain. We’re women, we’re black, we’re oppressed. Why do you keep hurting us?


See the confusion?


Most NPDs have a serious victim complex and can tell everybody else in the world that their partner is abusive. They often do and it’s known as a smear campaign. They can be the cruellest, worst person in the world behind closed doors, but all their friends hear about is how hard they’re trying to make their partner happy. Many victims find out they’ve been painted as a monster, for months, before the relationship ends.


It’s normal. It happens all the time.


They even tell the next one about the abusive ex, to train them how to treat them. And when the relationship finally goes South, you’re the abuser in the next fantastical story.


Liberals have adopted exactly the same tactic. They’re abusive and yet rewriting the whole script so they are being abused.


Want an example? I’m happy to help…


This vicious little witch describes emotionally abusing her husband, perfectly, by demanding he and her two sons simply read her mind. She refuses to communicate what she wants, demands that her hard-working husband take all the hard tasks off her plate and then describes a series of blow-ups and frankly petulant, abusive, childish behavior.




She then turns the whole thing into an example of patriarchal abuse and the emotional labor that a woman has to deal with. She’s a stay at home mother, who doesn’t actually want to clean the house, or hire a cleaner. So her husband tries, doesn’t get it quite perfect and then decides to do the cleaning himself, on top of working full-time.


Of course, she’s entitled to scream and shout at him.


What a fucking bitch.


This is emotional reasoning built on top of bad science. And it’s disgusting.


And yet, even faced with all the evidence, women around the world latched on to this madness, shared it around the globe and shouted: “Yes! We are women, here us roar!”


And you wonder why men give up on women and MGTOW is growing?


I could talk endlessly about this example, but honestly somebody far more qualified than me has already torn down this total sham, based on terrible feminist research and flat out delusion.


Dr Tara Palmatier is another awesome source for understanding BPD, NPD and abusive, high-conflict personalities. She ripped this horrendous woman a new one, and it’s a fascinating read.


Read both pieces in order if you want, they’re both epic.


Gemma Hartley, Don’t Call Her a Whiny Nag, She has Emotional Labor Trauma

Emotional Labor – Sliding Down The Slippery Slope


In fact, all of Dr Palmatier’s stuff is amazing and reading about abuse, and the cloak it hides behind, will give you a frightening insight into the Left’s strategy right now. In fact, it explains it totally. Just replace abuser with Liberal, and you’ve got this…


12. It Always Fails


An NPD or BPD relationship can last months, years or even decades, depending on how much shit the victim is prepared to take. But everybody snaps in the end. There’s just one affair too many, one bit of cruelty that goes too far and makes the victim step back.


They stop looking at each individual incident and trying to put out the individual fire.


They see the bigger picture: they’re with a destructive arsonist that lights fires for fun and then stands back to watch you put them out.


Their partner isn’t a great person who loves them dearly. They’re a vindictive, sadistic asshole that takes pleasure in putting you down.


At that point, the victim normally takes a stand and begins to fight back. It’s the beginning of the end…


One day, the libtards will go one step too far. They will go after one too many human rights. They will go after the wrong demographic. They will do something and it will be too much.


And the whole country, no the world, will turn around and say enough of this shit you bunch of dicks.


It would be great if that day was today. But it won’t be.


I know when it will be. It’s got to come soon.


You see the beauty of this Oppression Olympics bullshit is that somebody is always downtrodden. The world will never be perfectly balanced. Even nature doesn’t work that way. It dances back and forth around a point of equilibrium.


So here’s the thing. At some point all these people screaming ‘you’re a fucking white male’ at rallies will have to change sides. If they’re consistent with their beliefs, then soon, probably now, they’ll have to do a complete 180 and start supporting the cause of the poor, oppressed white male.


Do you think that will happen? Neither do I…


Already, more women are getting degrees than men and women are outearning men. The Left is claiming this as a victory, when it’s an actually an epic fucking failure if you’re aiming for true equality.


Eventually, this inconsistency will hit home.


When we don’t get quotas for employing white men to redress the balance, when we don’t get any concessions at all and we get consistently marginalised, the penny will finally drop.


So that’s the point where all this falls apart. That’s the point where the incosistency and the agenda are laid bare. That’s the point when Liberals are exposed as the Fascist fucktards they really are.


By that point, if they have the power, and they have your guns, and they have the majority, there won’t be a damned thing any of us can do about it.


Let’s not let it get to that point!





This is the longest piece I think I’ve ever written on the site and I will have to edit this massive braindump. But it had to be said. We all need to say it. You need to stand up and call this bullshit out for what it really is.


Liberal politics and the Democratic Party are abusers. And they’re doing it in plain sight.


For the record I used to think Donald Trump was crazy, and he still might be. It’s kind of funny, that he has been accused of being a narcissist and even I see some Borderline traits in him.


I used to think that Obama was a class act and Trump is a buffoon. BUt I listened, I learned and I changed my mind.


Projection is another classic NPD and BPD trait, too. If you want to listen to a narcissist’s confession, listen to what they’re accusing you of.


I’m beginning to think Trump has traits, but it’s actually the Liberals that are the true abusers and he is actually the best shot we’ve got.


I would love to know your thoughts!




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