Male Sex Robots Are Coming Too, Later…

We have already laughed off the feminist objection to sex dolls and now women have gone and blown a huge hole in that argument by basically being a bit horny.


Yes, women are going to get sex dolls too. They’ll probably have a six-pack, and a massive cock, and they’ll go for hours. They’ll even pretend to listen to them afterwards.


So, it’s going to work out perfectly. We won’t have to settle for some festering collection of skin, bone and so much fat that we found on Tinder. We can all bang robots, and the best of the breed can further the human race with lab-based genetic engineering, or something.


I won’t care. Like the rest of the world, it seems, I’ll probably embrace the sexbot revolution when it really arrives.


It really isn’t here yet. Not for me anyway. But the creators of the Realdoll have now turned their attention to male sexbots and the first models should be out before the end of the year.


Now we’ll see how the female audience reacts.


Realdoll recently unveiled its Harmony AI system, which is basically a talking head that can have the most basic of conversations. It’s a start, but I’ll wait until they’re up and moving around before jumping ship.


By then, lifelike skin should be a given and with a global market, the sex doll industry could go stratospheric in the years ahead. A realistic doll that won’t age, won’t nag and is always ready for some fun is pretty much every married man’s dream.


Now women can share that and we’re curious to see how the sales go. If it works, more power to them, women can just bang a robot, too.


Credit: RealDoll
Credit: RealDoll


Matt says the male robots will be able to be plugged in and go for as long as the woman wants, which might render men redundant at a stroke for some girls. He also says the size of each automaton’s penis will vary, so girls can literally pick and mix.


Credit: RealDoll
Credit: RealDoll

However, he also reckons that there’s much work to be done in order to turn his weird vision into a reality.


“There’s rebuilding that needs to happen on both fronts to create a male platform,” he said. “We’re working hard on that and that’s one of the next big things we’re looking to get up and running.”


So girls, don’t campaign too hard against sexbots, because yours will be along soon.



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