Man Buys Lambo With $115 Of Bitcoin!

Man buys Lambo With $115 of Bitcoin


Back in the day, Bitcoin was just over $2 a coin and Peter Saddington bought some.


He has slowly watched that pile of Cryptocurrency transform into a small fortune. Now each coin is worth $5,500, so his initial investment is now worth 2750 times what he paid for it.


Finally, he decided to cash in some of his chips in this big game and spent the equivalent of $115. So 67.5 coins, which translates to $371, 250.


Scary How Much Bitcoin Is Worth


The founder of VINwiki should enjoy his new Lambo far more than a virtual stack of coins that’s just gathering space on a hard drive somewhere. And it’s a startling insight into how far Bitcoin has come.


So should you invest in Bitcoin? Well the goldrush is over, you need to look to the next unicorn of the cryptocurrency industry if you want to make this kind of money.


Ripple is showing positive signs, but the next big thing in the world of Cryptocurrencies will almost certainly be Ethereum-based.


Ethereum Holds The Key


This is a blockchain system, it’s more than a currency, which means governments can use it to build their own Cryptocurrency. So, get in now with Ethereum and it could give you a Lambo for the same price as a decent dinner out.


But there’s only really one real way to see if trading is for you: try it.


You can run a ghost account, making practice trades, to see if you really understand this Cryptocurrency madness. It’s going mainstream, don’t think Bitcoin and the like are going away, so it’s a real chance to make a shitload of money if you know what you’re doing or if you guess the right way.


Learn How To Invest In Bitcoin Etc

So there will be lots more Cryptocurrency millionaires in the months and years ahead, buying Lambos with $10 of investment. If you want to be one of them, then you need to start studying and you need to figure this shit out now.

If you need to start from scratch, Udemy has a great course that can give you the basics.


I’ll put a much more in depth Cryptocurrency article up soon. But for now, get your head round the basics by signing up for a free account. Watch the markets, start to understand the movement in Cryptocurrency, and you’ll be streets ahead of most investors.


Get started at HitBTC today.




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