Man Robs Bank to Escape Wife, Gets House Arrest!


Lawrence Ripple robbed a bank in Kansas City in the hope they’d put him in prison and he could finally get away from his wife. But the whole plan has backfired horribly, as he has now been placed under house arrest.


The 71-year-old only stole $227.27, so it was hardly a major league haul. He admitted the robbery and pleaded guilty in January, but Federal prosecutors placed their own plea for leniency. The end result will be that he can’t get away from his wife, as he’s under house arrest for the next six months.


He also got three years’ probation, 50 hours of community service and he had to pay back the $227.27, plus another $100 contribution to a criminal victims’ fund.


Is Married Life Really Worse Than Jail?


First, this should serve as a warning of just how bad married life can be. Ripple wanted to get caught. He wanted to go to jail just to get a break from his nagging wife.


Second, if you’re that unhappy in your relationship then learn to let it go. Separate, get divorced and start over if you have to. But, if you married the wrong woman then it shouldn’t be a death sentence. Suck up the financial cost, change your life to suit your new means and just live with it.

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Don’t Lose Your Sanity Over Money


You’ll be happier in the long run and you won’t have a Falling Down-style moment where you break down and decide to rob a bank just to get away from the witch that is your wife.


I have got a long line of reasons why you shouldn’t get married in the modern age. Put simply, marriage is a terrible business deal for men these days.


But if you’ve done it and married life is Hell, then just deal with the consequences. Buy your way out and live in a trailer if you have to. Don’t rob a bank for $200 and hope they’ll put you in jail…



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