Man’s Rectum Falls Out After Toilet Gaming Session

Man's ass falls out after toilet gaming sessions


Well that’s an odd headline I never thought I would see, but a Chinese man’s ass literally fell out after a marathon gaming session on the toilet.


He thought he was winning at life and had found a way to deal with bodily waste while gaming on his phone. But, apparently, there was a hidden price to pay. That price was a full rectal prolapse, which is the stuff of nightmares.


In the night, he felt a ‘ball-shaped object’ escape his rectum. In actual fact, that was a largely functional part of his digestive tract. He was forced to undergo surgery and the whole thing sounds pretty grim.


This wasn’t his first rodeo, though, as the man had suffered similar problems when he was a child. So you probably can play a few games of Candy Crush, or whatever it is you kids play these days, without your ass falling out.


Dr Su  Dan said: “The patient had rectal prolapse since he was four years old, the bulge was able to retract. But he did not treat the condition and the situation has got worse.”


Yes, I don’t think anybody is arguing.


The doctor did say one useful thing, though. Apparently spending long periods of time on the toilet can weaken the pelvic floor. Our body reacts to all kinds of stimuli and even sitting down on the toilet sets off a chain reaction through the muscle wall.


That’s how your poo magically appears when you need to let go of a big load, but it’s also why this guy spent a hellish night in surgery and has a story that has traveled the world.




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