Marriage Is Over. Thank You Toxic Feminism

Marriage is over, thanks Toxic Feminism


Recently I was hit by a revelation, late at night, on my own, as I contemplated life over a coffee in a Caribbean beachside cafe.


Yeah, life sucks…


But the revelation was that marriage just does not work for men anymore. On any level.


And the reason made me laugh.


It’s feminism.


Alpha Reboot Is About Strategies And Lifehacks


Part of this whole site was to distill down life strategies, from simple lifehacks that can improve your lot in two minutes down to concepts to live your life by.


As I do that, I came to an inescapable conclusion that MGTOW is pretty much the only sensible strategy for a modern man.


That’s because women have the advantage these days in their 20s. They can date multiple guys more easily and monkey branch to a better offer as and when it comes along.


That happens so often that we have to assume it will occur and plan accordingly.


Disney Princess, your days are over

The Disney Princess Concept Won’t Work


So today’s men can’t simply devote themselves to one girl, treat them like a Princess and hope that the girl has the moral fiber to give that in return.


Forget the angry vitriol on the web about girls being hoes. Forget the dateless neckbeard with a Fedora rationalizing why he’s not getting any.


Forget all of that.


The simple fact is that it’s statistically the wrong thing to do.


Marriage Is A Limited Mating Strategy


It’s a poor mating strategy, which is really what the whole sexual dynamic is all about.


When only the strong survive and we have to adapt to thrive, then we have to play the cards in front of us and the whole social construct of marriage is designed to cost you opportunities in the modern age.


I’m proud to say we’ve got a guy crunching the numbers right now and we’re going to try and take all of the emotion right out of this debate.

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But, for now, just know. If you pursue the old ideals then you’re going against the numbers.


Do that often enough and you’ll lose your shirt.


Or half your house and worldly goods.


Marriage Is Institutional Slavery


The institution of marriage is basically so stacked against the man that it stands as one of the shittiest business deals you could possibly entertain.


It cuts off opportunities and it’s probably going to drain your resources. It’s like wilfully signing up to slavery.



No fault divorce and the normalization of failure means that nobody judges anybody for walking out the door anymore.


Women initiate most of them and they’re basically cashing out when they walk out the door.


But it’s not all bad news!


There’s a positive side of feminism.


Thanks to the rise of ‘girrrrrl power’, we don’t have to buy the cow anymore. The girls are willingly giving us the milk for free.


So we don’t need to get married to get sex.


Got Game? You’re Good For Life


We just have to get the basics of game and we’ll get what we want.


Then, we can simply ghost them while they’re busy trying to put their hooks in and get what they want: constant attention.


If we do marry then there’s almost a 50% chance we’ll lose half our shit and even if we don’t, we’ll get the sheer joy of a declining sex life and the chance  to grow old with someone.


That’s worth something to  some people and I’ve got no desire to piss on their chips.


Men In Their 30s Get More Fun


But, here’s the thing, the sexual marketplace really comes alive for a guy in his 30s and 40s.


Even if you’re not Chad, all of these girls that have ridden the carousel too hard are looking to parachute into a serious relationship to save them from their bad life choices.

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A guy they would have rejected a few years earlier now looks pretty sweet.


And you can use that.



If You Like It, Never Put A Ring On It


Don’t give them what they want. Don’t put a ring on that wrinkled, cum-stained finger.


Enjoy them for what they are: pump and dump material.


These women are so desperate you could probably keep a harem with a vague promise of the future. Just like they did a few years earlier.


Toxic feminists will beat themselves

Keep that fist ladies, you’re going to need it…


Your Confidence Rockets With Time


Weird things happen when you get older, too.


You get a sense of self-confidence, real self-confidence, from facing real life problems and growing as a person.


That’s sexy to younger girls, too, and you’ll find yourself getting Indicators of Interest from girls that maybe wouldn’t have looked twice at you in your younger days.


If you’re free and single, then this is your time to play the field.


If you’ve hitched your wagon to a rapidly spreading harpee then this is the point you’ll start to regret your life choices.


The Power Balance Shifts Later On


The simple fact is that life balances out. Women have all the power early on in life, but it comes to men later on.


A woman is at her peak in her early 20s, which is why she’ll have beta orbiters and she’ll monkey branch from chad to chad.


She can keep a Rolodex of friendzoned men and pretty much be guaranteed a date every night of the week if she isn’t a blue-haired hambeast.


But this time, this beauty, is fleeting. That’s the point women have forgotten in this rampant wave of toxic femininity.


The Game Will Come To You


So all men have to do is wait, this game comes to us and suddenly we’re beating three types of women off with a shitty stick.

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Those women are:


  1. The cock carousel riders that are suddenly ‘ready’ to settle down.
  2. The baby rabies kind that are desperate to get pregnant. Don’t do these.
  3. Younger girls with daddy issues who love your confidence.


The Secret To This Bounty? Don’t Get Married


You get all this to choose from, and all you have to do is not put a ring on anything. As the risk/reward ratio for marriage is just insanely bad these days, that’s really not that difficult.


You will lose girls you like along the way as you’re not prepared to commit. Look at your married friends, realise that this is the honeymoon period, you got the best out of them and let them go.


Then replace them, rinse and repeat.


This May Not Be Your Path


You might find the one you’re just not prepared to lose along the way.


If you do, then we’ll raise a glass to another fallen brother and hope that NAWALT with a wry smile. Maybe yours really will be different.


Retirement homes, meanwhile, will fill up with angry members of the ‘sisterhood’ that claim that no man was good enough, strong enough or just plain lucky enough to see out their days with them.


They’ll even complain there’s no good men left. Like these delusional, dried up hags.


Men: We Know How To Be Friends


The guys, on the other hand, will go and spend some money and an hour of their time banging a  21-year-old hooker before joining their friends for a drink and a game of dominoes.


We literally cannot lose this game.


So, for most men, it really doesn’t make sense to get married anymore. MGTOW is the way forward and that’s just a numbers thing.


Thank you toxic femininity.  In the end, you did us a massive solid.




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