Meet The Tavor TS12: A 15-Round Shotgun

IWI Taor T12: 15-round bullpup shotgun

The Tavor T12S is either total gunporn, or the Antichrist, depending on your general stance on gun control.


But even as a feat of engineering, the Tavor is an amazing thing. It’s a 15-round shotgun that has three rotating tubes full of cartridges. When one tube runs out, just flick the next one in to place and the Tavor chambers the next round. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun, then, with no pump action required.


That means you can rapid fire this way faster than a traditional pump action when you get used to its quirks.


Use minishells and you could probably get 24 rounds in the gun, which means you get the benefits of buckshot with the capacity of an AR15. Almost.


Basically a shotgun means you only have to hit them once, in the right general area, and it’s over. With this, you’ve got riot control and pure mayhem in the palm of your hands. This is the secret weapon, the one you’d want in your hands when your life depended on it.



Tavor 12 Shotgun, a beast of a home defense gun with 15 rounds



It’s a gun that comes with real in your face intimidation factor, which counts when it comes to home defense.


You can dress it up with full tactical gear and turn it into a monster that will actually make intruders shit their pants without you even firing a shot.


That’s the best kind of home defense.



A Heavyweight Gun That Pulls Its Weight


It’s just 28.34 inches long, but it weighs in at 8lb without the shells.


It isn’t cheap either and the Tavor TS12 costs $1399, or it will, which is a lot of money for a shotgun. This really is a gamechanger though.


You get a full length Picatinny rail on the top, keylock mounts on the side and the traditional Tavor handguard around the trigger. It’s a meaty gun at every step, there isn’t a delicate bone in its body.


We’re excited to see how this gun does in the field, because it looks like it could be the new home defense shotgun champion of the world.


It also looks like video games made real, which makes us happy for its own abstract and weird reasons.



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