Meet Uber Driving Nerd Rapper Ollie B

There are millions of unsigned rappers complaining about how they couldn’t catch a break and their immense talent will never get the recognition it deserve. Nerdy Uber rapper Ollie B is not one of those people.


He’s done the busking, he’s done playing to his friends, but then Ollie Barkell, from Chicago, was struck by inspiration. His fledgling Youtube channel was the perfect place for a character. His nerdy, rapping Uber driver was an instant hit and it has propelled him from the depths of Youtube to international stardom.


Ollie B is the perfect nerd, then the perfect rapper


He’s got more than 70,000 subscribers and his most famous video has racked up more than 1.8 million views. That’s a fraction of the total view count, though, as the video has been featured on news websites around the world.


It’s inspired, as Ollie plays the nerd role to full effect before blindsiding his passengers by busting out a vicious rap. He’s even got sellotape on his glasses, his hair is plain greasy and the less said about the braces and tie ensemble, the better.


You just have to watch it to appreciate the genius.



That end line never stops being funny when he says: “I like to rap in my spare time.”

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Ollie Barkell is a well-rounded musician


Ollie Barkell is clearly a seriously talented musician and he does a lot of cool stuff, like playing every instrument, sampling it and basically being his own band.



He did he same thing with a street performance of Airplanes that is, frankly, a bit amazing. Yes he lost it a couple of times, but look at all the shit he’s doing at the same time.



Youtube and Patreon, the new record contract?


In short, he refused to accept the conventional wisdom that you wait to get signed up. He made himself a star on social media and now, with the combined might of Youtube, Facebook and Patreon, he’s living his dream. He’s become a professional singer against the odds, and he’s done it by simply giving away his best work on the world’s biggest channels and letting people donate through Patreon.


He’s seriously entertaining, he found a really clever hook for his work and he made all the bitter, unsigned rappers that work at McDonaldslook a bit daft. He has also shown them the way.If your stuff is good enough, then get it out there and get into social media promotion.


The old world is over and we live in a world where there are literally no obstacles to entry. You can upload your material, your video, whatever it is. If you’ve got something special, then you can perform for the world from your bedroom. If they like it, you’ll make it.

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You need to build your brand


It’s hard work to build a following online, although we will show you a good few tricks about building a social media brand. It’s not a golden ticket, there is some luck involved and you have to work hard at it. But Youtube success can give you the life of your dreams.


So if you’ve got the skills, what are you waiting for?






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