Meme Time: Sometimes a man deserves a better woman

Is narcissism an epidemic among women?


I don’t think this one needs much introduction, it kind of says it all. Women, though, have become experts at qualifying men based on our pay packet and our ability to provide.


The concept of hypergamy is a little bit much for me, but there are sites out there preaching gospel truth that poor quality women will ditch you if they get a better offer.


There is an element of hardwiring into women to provide for their offspring. There is an element of entitlement that has crept into society and turned some women into glorified hookers that auction off the goods to the highest bidder.


Of course they’ll say they’re attracted to the success, but I’ve seen some dumb and ugly trust fund kids that didn’t make a single penny of it themselves drowning in women.


These are the women we should weed out and kick on the reject pile ourselves. We should value ourselves more than playing this game. Why dance to this abysmal tune?



It’s a mindset change, that’s all. We shouldn’t accept toxic and negative behaviour from this kind of girl. We should just next her and replace her with someone better..


You want a woman that would be there for you through thick and thin and would go to the cheapest place in town just because you’re there. That girl is the one to aspire to. The not-so fictional bitch in the picture? Not so much…

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