Meme Time: Women, get a job…

There really isn’t much to add to this one. The male race is just sick and tired of hearing how you deserve to be bought and paid for and serviced to your ultimate satisfaction at the same time.


In essence, what you’re doing, is warning any high SMV male to dump you, right there. Any woman that says this is, at her core, a cheap skank with no real self worth. You’re waiting for the world to give it to you on a plate because you have a vagina, just any old vagina.


You might think it makes you sound empowered. It really, really doesn’t…


It makes you sound like an entitled Princess and the worst kind of flakey chick. You think you’re lost in your own little modern day, X-rated Disney cartoon. But honestly, the world has less respect for you every time you open your mouth.


So try and be a better person. Strive for the good qualities like independence, decency, honesty, loyalty. These are the things that will impress a man with choices.


Ironically, that’s the kind of man you think you deserve.





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