Men: How To Get Taller, Instantly


Men, hhow to get taller instantly



Are you less than six foot? If you are, but you’re close, then you can fix your major dating handicap for less than $11.


Seriously, right now, you can be six foot with the help of this vaguely ridiculous shoe lift system. Yes, it’s cheating. But, umm, women cheat. Like a lot.


Fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake tits, fake waist and yes, heels. Makeapp, an app that removed women’s best efforts, sent the insecure into an apoplectic rage.


So they know what game they’re playing. As long as you start to see this bullshit for what it us, a pure game, you can play too.


Well, you can now…


Now if you do this, don’t stay with the girl. Eventually she will see you look shorter in your socks. You will stand next to her dad, she will know you lied and her vagina will dry out like a slug in the desert sun.


But if you just want to get laid more, then this single trick is worth more than any PUA course on the internet


Women are not complicated. People that tell you they are want to propogate a myth that is making people rich.

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Want to fuck more girls? Like 10-30% Be two inches taller. It’s really that simple.



You see the height thing is just absurd. Fat women feel totally entitled to a tall guy and you even hear that nobody under six foot should message them.


This horrendous landwhale got served cold, hard justice. She deserved it…


Horrible fat girl has issues with a man's height
So be six foot. By the time her tortured little brain catches up, you should already be sending her calls to voicemail.


Play the game. Get in, be tall, get laid and get out.


She will never know.


Seriously, she will not have a fucking clue.


All she will do is check that you ‘measure up’ to the other men in the room. And suddenly you will.


Everybody wins.


You hear this bullshit from women like they have a built-in tape measure.


They don’t….


They sneakily see if you are taller than other guys. So even if you are 6’3″, in a room full of basketball players she will feel short-changed.


But in a room full of normal people you will be pretty lush thanks to the foamy wedges pushing your feet into the air.


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That’s because the average American man is 5’9″. Digest that for a moment.


Shit women have pushed this 6-foot ”benchmark” and the simple fact is that you have to be this tall to ride the rides. ..


Yes, the same fucktard women that tell you not to fat-shame will height shame you in the next fucking sentence.


We don’t even have a real word for height shaming. It doesn’t exist. Admit it, it sounded weird when you saw it on the page didn’t it?


Why? Because only women height shame.


Some men like tall women, I am partial to a borderline midget myself. Not an actual Borderline midget, that would be a fucking nightmare. But I like a girl round the 5 foot mark.


It’s yet another double standard in this flagrant lying shit-show that is modern feminism.


They are free to shame and make demands that are totally out of a man’s control, yet he is meant to give her a round of applause every time she shoves a family size cake in her Jabba the Hut face because muh feelz.


So, yeah, fuck ’em.


Lie, be six foot as fast as Amazon can get these bastards to your door and watch your strike rate skyrocket.

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You’re welcome…




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