Mississippi Married Couple Find Out They’re Twins


A couple in Mississippi went to a fertility clinic when they were struggling to conceive only to find out they are biological twins. File this one under Ewwwwww, and Yuk…


Having tried and failed to conceive a child, they went to a fertility clinic. A routine DNA test at the clinic in Jackson, Mississippi, revealed that they were closer than they ever thought possible.


“It’s just a routine thing and we wouldn’t normally check to see if there was a relationship between the two samples, but in this case the lab assistant involved was shocked by the similarity of each profile,” a doctor told the Mississippi Herald.





Married twins thought doctor was joking


The couple, who were legally married, had absolutely no idea about the biological connection and the woman actually thought the doctor was joking.


When the two met in college, they thought their largely similar backgrounds were the foundation for a perfect marriage. Their parents died, they were put up for adoption and they were brought up by different families.


Neither one was ever told they had a twin.


Married couple find out they are twins


A fascinating study in subconscious attraction


In its own way it’s a fascinating example of people being drawn to those with similar characteristics. We know that happens, but this would have been an attraction to someone with genetic similarities on an entirely subconscious level.

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You actually couldn’t make a scientific study like this, and on an intellectual level then it’s truly stunning stuff. But, on a practical and real world level, it’s also a bit grim.


The pair are contemplating their future now, but we’re pretty sure that sexy time will never be the same again. It’s unintentional incest, but that’s still what it is. It is also pretty much a man’s nightmare.


The fact that it happened in Mississippi does give it the slightest touch of comedy value, but really this is a tragic tale of love gone wrong. So, we’re not going to be too cruel here.


You can be, but we won’t…




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