MMA Fighter Wins With Boston Crab!

MMA fighter wins with Boston Crab


British MMA fighter Jonno Mears has won a match with a Boston Crab. Seriously…


We all know that WWE is fake and the moves don’t hurt. That is why you don’t see MMA fighters trying to lock in an F5 or ‘dropping the leg’ Hulk Hogan style.


The Boston Crab, though, is an exception to the rule. That’s because it does hurt, when it’s applied properly, and it made Mears’ opponent Aaron Jones tap out in seconds.


This might be the most unusual MMA submission of all time. Well, there are probably weirder ones to be fair, but we haven’t seen them.



Folding An Opponent In Half


The Boston Crab basically involves grabbing your opponent’s legs and trying to fold them in half, the wrong way, at the base of the spine. So yes, this one stands to reason that it would smart a little.


People just don’t do this in an MMA fight. It just doesn’t happen.


Even with Brock Lesnar in the UFC, he simply didn’t break out a WWE submission move. He didn’t take anybody to Suplex City, which we’re poking holes in this thing.


But then none of this matters.


Mears Brought Joy To MMA


Mears, on a minor MMA card in the North of England, has become an internet superstar by using the most inappropriate move in the world to snatch victory in the octagon.


It didn’t help that he stuck his tongue out and smiled to take the win, too. As Jones tapped out, thoroughly beaten, Mears was having a laugh up top.


Now we don’t think this is going to become a thing in the UFC, although Conor McGregor might try and break out a figure-four leglock. But anyway, thank you Jonno Mears for daring to be different and bringing this unlikely finishing move to MMA.



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