Why You Need To Hit On Fat Girls

If you’re starting out on your discovery of game theory, you’re just trying to sharpen your skills or you’re in a dry spell where hot girls just aren’t going for it, then I’ve got a simple little trick for you.


You should hit on fat girls.


Not just fat girls. Hit on ugly girls, plain girls, girls that really aren’t the ones you’d like to take home for the night.


Don’t worry, you’re not going to.


You Could Move Country Instead…

I have to admit I’m not practising what I preach on this one, not now. That’s because I’ve moved to a country where the elements of game really don’t come into play. I’m in the Dominican Republic and you can score a 10 with the simple act of giving her $40 when you’re done.


Well, most of them aren’t 10s if we’re being honest, but you can get a solid 8 with a click of the fingers.


Back in England, though, when my confidence was down, I broke out the training wheels and went after the ‘practise girl’. It helped me build momentum and get my mojo back.


Learn Game Without Pressure


The whole point of this is to simply get used to hitting on girls when there’s no pressure, getting the heinous fuck ups out the way with a girl that doesn’t matter that much and learning to speak to every girl the same.


If you’ve got a case of the yips and it just isn’t working, taking your targets down a notch or seven could get you back in the groove as well.


It’s flirting practice, but the real key is to take what you learn with a 3 or 4 and put it into practice with a 9 or 10. For 95% of men, that simply isn’t the case.


That’s because most men don’t practice their flirting on other girls. They simply wait until the girl of their dreams is standing in front of them, then they fuck it up royally.

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When you think about it, of course that’s going to happen.


Would You Box Without Training?


It would be like stepping into the ring for a title fight without bothering to spar or lift weights.


Do that and it’s pretty obvious, you’d get your head separated from your shoulders.


Learn to drive and then buy a Ferrari, and they’ll be picking carbon-fiber out of your asscheeks on day two. You’re just not ready for it.


Yet despite all the evidence to the contrary, men are conditioned to believe that when the right girl is in front of them then the words will flow like high-class wine, she’ll fall into your arms and you’ll ride off into the sunset on a unicorn.


Life does not work that way. It never works that way. If it worked that way for you, straight out the gate, then you’re a fucking natural and this post isn’t for you. Stop reading and go bang a porn star.


The other 99.99% of men should read on.


Freezing Up Is Fucking Horrible


If you don’t practice your technique, train and encounter pretty much every shit test, curveball and lull in conversation with a real person then I’ll tell you what will happen when you walk up to a 10.


You’ll freeze, or you’ll make some blinding rookie mistake. You’ll tense up, you’ll clam up, you’ll hunch up and you will fuck up.


Girls Shoot All Of Us Down


This has happened to all of us. Even established pick up artist gets shot down in flames. It happens to everyone.


It’s part of the game and it’s something you have to embrace if you want to get some action.


But if you don’t practice, if you don’t raise your game, then failure is all you’ll know when it comes to top tier women.


You can do the same thing again and again and you might just get lucky if you can learn from your mistakes. It’s more likely your confidence will crumble, though, and you’ll end up retreating to the safety of the fat, ugly and plain girls.

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They’ll become your actual level.


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results,” Albert Einstein.


Start With Ugly Girls, Don’t Finish With Them


So that’s the basic truth: start with the fat and ugly girls or end up with them. It’s better to start there…


In my old job as a writer for motoring magazines, we did a lot of track work with seriously quick cars. We had a phrase for it:


“You can’t build down from an accident.”


It just meant start slow, learn the course in a slower car and then build up speed slowly and learn how the car behaves before putting in a quick lap. If I went balls out from the pits then I wouldn’t have lasted long in that line of work.


Ugly Girls Are Like A Slower Car


So start with a slower car. Start with a 3, or a 5, not a 10.


What you’ll find is that your level of game goes through the roof and you’ll discover one of the true secrets of the pick up artist community:


If you really don’t think you want the girl, then you have no attachment to the outcome. Talk to a girl like you don’t care what happens and your strike rate will improve. A lot.


You’ll get more indicators of interest, you can escalate to physical contact without nerves and fear getting the better of you and you’ll start to learn how women really work in a pickup situation.


Get The Number, Just Don’t Call


Take it all the way through to the number close. Don’t do what we’re all guilty of doing sometimes: assuming it will go fine and pretending like you’ve done that part of the training exercise.

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We have all skipped that part of the manual on occasion. We’ve all treated a fundamental part of the game like a mere formality that we can’t get wrong.


And then you do.


You can run into last-minute resistance, you might find yourself sounding sleazy, needy or your throat closing up. You might even back out entirely and if you do that with a 3 then you probably wouldn’t even talk to a 10.


It’s good to find that out now, rather than when the chips are down. Although if she’s fat, she may well be downing chips…


So, play the game to the end, get the fat, ugly and plain girl’s number. Then do it again, and again, and again.


Fat Girls Are Like Training Girls


Consider the fat and ugly girls to be the training wheels of the dating game. Master them, learn to push their buttons and simply never stop flirting.


Along the way you’ll learn one of the greatest tricks of the PUA. If you’re always ‘on’ in terms of flirting, you’ll find opportunities that would have passed you by before. You’ll make girls’ days, you’ll find new friends and your game will be unrecognizable before long.


You’ll naturally progress. The girls will get slimmer, better looking and then you have to master the art of treating them exactly the same as you treated that girl you really didn’t want.


By the time you get to the 9 or 10, you should treat her the same and you will have honed your game on 10000 lesser women.


You’ll be better than ever before, and when you’re in bed next to a stunning girl then you can say a silent prayer of thanks to the fat ugly girl that nobody wants and you’re going to talk to tomorrow.







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