Official: Electric VW Microbus Is Go!

Electric VW Microbus is coming back


Volkswagen has finally confirmed that the legendary VW camper is coming back, and this time it’s electric.


This has been one of the worst-kept secrets in the automotive world and here at Alpha Reboot we basically knew the I.D. Buzz concept car would go into production in the coming years. Now VW has confirmed it will go on sale in 2022 in the US, Europe and China.


We’re glad that VW has shown some balls and gone for the all-electric option, even though its hand was forced by the recent Dieselgate scandal that wrecked the brand’s reputation in the United States.  


The German marque took a brutal kicking, together with racking up the biggest corporate fine in North American history, after it found a way to cheat the emissions tests with clever software. Part of the bid to repair that damage involves embracing an electric future.


However it happened, we’re glad this car is coming. The original VW campers are icons and pristine examples change hands for crazy money.


Now the new car has the potential to take on Tesla, if VW can price it right. The camper shape is cool, the design is suitably retro and the interior is massive. That means you should be able to configure your VW I.D. pretty much any way you want.


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VW Microbus interior


“For me, the I.D. Buzz concept is the most beautiful and most exciting electric car in the world,” said Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management for the Volkswagen brand. “Our goal is clear: we want to make the fully electric, fully connected car a bestseller around the world. The iconic car of the electric age must be a Volkswagen.”


While the original Type 2 Microbus, which went on sale in 1950, had a massive 30bhp, the new electric model will boast the equivalent of 369bhp thanks to a 111kWh battery pack in the floor. That will give the Microbus a range of more than 300 miles and you should be able to charge the car to 80% in 30 minutes.


The concept has some truly badass touches, including a foldaway steering wheel for when the autonomous driving car takes over, and a Heads Up Display that incorporates Augmented Reality.




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