Postcards from Sosua, Dominican Republic

Sosua, Dominican Republic, the view from Playa Sosua, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean


I’ve been in Sosua in the Dominican Republic for a few months now and it has been pretty eventful.


As well as the floods that resulted from Hurricane Matthew wreaking havoc in neighboring Haiti, I have found and lost love about seven times. It wasn’t really love, it was lust, and the girls here come and go with the sun…


This really is one of the best vacation destinations for single men and I’m going to add it to the list of single men holiday hotspots. If you want one of the best mongering destinations in the world and you want a holiday with some sex, you could do a lot worse than Sosua.

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I’ve met great people, enjoyed some great times, suffered some stinking hangovers and found peace, at last. The plan was to keep moving, like The Littlest Hobo, but I’m enjoying it so much on this wonderful, cheap little corner of the Caribbean that I’m going to stick around.


Now the original plan to provide high quality photography took a bit of a kicking when the floods killed my Canon 5D MkII with water damage, the insurance refused to pay out and two clients decided that they were too poor to continue working with me.

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So you’re left with pictures from my beloved little Moto G, which I hope to change this month. But they do say the best camera is the one you have on you. So here are some memorable pictures and videos from Sosua, DR, and there will be more to come.





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