The Power of Personal Responsibility

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We live in a Social Justice Warrior world, where everybody is oppressed and that’s the reason why they can’t move forward in life.


Women aren’t dominating tech because of misogyny, black American footballers are stuck on a lousy $10 million a year thanks to inherent racism and there’s an evil white patriarchy keeping everybody else down.


Of course, it’s all bullshit.


There is no higher force holding you down. The only person stopping you from hitting your goals is, well, you.


  • The patriarchy is bullshit.
  • The gender pay gap is bullshit.
  • Systemic racism is bullshit.
  • White privilege is bullshit.
  • White supremacy is bullshit.
  • The Jewish conspiracy is bullshit.
  • Internal oppression is bullshit.
  • Rape culture is bullshit.
  • The Illuminati is a special kind of bullshit.
  • Intersectional feminism is the worst kind of bullshit.




Because even if it’s all true. It isn’t, but let’s entertain the thought for just a second. Even if it’s all true, you won’t change it by bitching about it.


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Pioneers Have Already Broken The Glass Ceiling


Britain had a great female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, in 1979. The USA had a black President and there are thousands of successful men and women that just gone on with their own personal success story. They didn’t take the time to whine about oppression.


The ones  that do have given themselves a pre-packaged excuse. It’s a reason why they failed, before they even tried.

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So, the only people that really suffer are the ones that allow themselves to feel victimized.


Don’t Suffer This Negative Mindset


If you go in with that mindset then you ARE going to fail. But it has nothing to do with the system.


Liberal politics seem to be all about who has it worse and levelling the playing field so they can compete. But, honestly, that’s insulting and degrading to minorities, women, just about everybody.


It also lowers the bar for the whole human race.


So when you screw up in life, or you don’t get where you want to be, with who you want, then guess what?


It’s on you.


It’s your fault.


Responsibility Breeds Success


Don’t think this is a negative mindset. It’s exactly the opposite.


People that blame society end up as passengers in their own lives. Don’t be like that. Own your screw-ups, learn from them and get better.


“It’s not your fault.”

It is one of the most seductive lines in sales and you’ll hear it in almost ever single one of the internet get rich quick schemes.It is also working its way through the social landscape and now everybody is a victim, to varying degrees. Nobody is to blame…

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It is a total crock of shit and you must, absolutely must, reject it.


When you adopt this mindset, miracles start to happen. You stop making excuses, you start holding yourself accountable and you start making progress.


There is no other way. You have to get better, bit by bit. So, wherever you are in life right now, you can improve and taste success in the end. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re working your way up the corporate ladder, if you focus on you and just getting better all the time then you’ll succeed in the end.


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Be The Best And Nobody Can Hold You Back


If you are the absolute best version of you, then nothing will stop you.


If you educate yourself, learn new skills, work hard and make a difference then success is guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or your ethnic background.


Because you will simply be too good to ignore and hold back.


Really, there should be no affirmative action. There should be no quotas. You should get what you get in life due to your own skill and your own hard work.


If you don’t agree with this, or you believe there’s some evil force out there in the atmosphere somewhere that means someone with a vagina or black skin automatically gets a raw deal then you’re the pussy and you need to toughen up.



A Meritocracy Is Simply Better For Us All


Right now we’ve got the ludicrous situation where basically a half qualified female will get a job in tech just because she applied and company’s have diversity quotas to fill.


That means better people are being passed over for a job just because they are a white male. That’s a shitty, fragmented society that is actually more racist and sexist than the meritocracy-based Utopia that it would be so much easier to live in.


Simply put, we shouldn’t be trying to level the playing field. We just don’t have the skills for that level of social engineering. Nobody does.


Why Can’t Companies Just Hire The Best?


Instead we need to simply let companies employ the best people, we need to forget this bullshit about inherent oppression and we need to start focusing on ourselves.


Don’t whine about the system. Just get better. Learn more, educate yourself, learn more skills and be better than the next guy, rather than trying to tear him down for some kind of unseen and unheard ‘privilege’ that you just kinda know is there.


Do that and your life will get better, instantly.







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